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K-Businesscom for retail

Ready for the store of the future? K-Businesscom is driving the digitalization of retailing with customized retail solutions.

"Our motto is: Make possible what is already standard online! With digital audiovisual solutions, every store becomes a branch of the future and shopping becomes an experience!"

Ing. Mark Winkler, Director DACH Smart Spaces & Digital Ecosystems    

Shopping as a digital event? Without queues at the checkout? Knowing who is shopping when and where, how and what? Retailers no longer have to dream about the store of the future. With K-Businesscom, the digital experience store becomes a reality: as an investment-proof solution from a single source. Footfall monitoring and security will both play a central role in the future. 

Solutions for the digitalization of commerce

Austria's number 1 expert in digitalization has developed an extensive portfolio of solutions that help companies improve their service quality, performance and future viability. You too can benefit from the following advantages:

  • investment- and future-proof solutions
  • smooth integration into existing environments
  • secure data housing and data hosting at K-Businesscom earthDATAsafe
  • Shopping becomes an experience thanks to innovative offers.
  • acquisition of new customers
  • With more knowledge about the customer, new offers are created.
  • more performance per square meter, more sales, and higher added value
  • convenience for store assistants and at check-out

Stores of the future

Our motto: Make possible offline what is already possible online! With digital audiovisual solutions by K-Businesscom, the store becomes a store of the future, and shopping becomes an experience. Digitally optimized processes and ever better knowledge of customer behavior are essential for this. What characterizes K-Businesscom's store of the future?

  • keyless store
  • queue management at checkout
  • zones and floor monitoring
  • heat maps for square meter performance optimization
  • inclusion of external factors (weather, third-party systems, etc.)
  • gender and age recognition
Flexible outsourcing 

Do what you do best – and outsource the rest! This is just as true for established IT as it is for marketing IT. On the one hand, you have to act like a marathon runner, i.e. think long term, strike a balance, and show stamina. On the other hand, you need to be a sprinter with fast solutions, speed, and power. K-Businesscom offers retailers both: marathon solutions for outsourcing standard IT operations and sprinter solutions for the retailer's core business IT.

IT security

How do you protect your data from different offline and online threats? With the sustainable IT and data security solutions by K-Businesscom. They can be used, for instance, for merchandise management systems, POS systems, CRM systems and for customer master data management. The solutions are hosted in Austria's most secure data center, K-Businesscom earthDATAsafe. 

Internet of Things

Goods only flow when data flows. With the "Internet of Things", the digital shopping experience is making its way into stationary retail. With the omnichannel tools by K-Businesscom, the online world and the offline world are converging. This results in a wide range of opportunities and applications – from optimized customer service to an improved customer experience at the POS.

Smart Retail Suite

Up to now, online trading has had a clear advantage over stationary retail. Only a few clicks are necessary to analyze and automatically evaluate customer behavior. With the Smart Retail Suite from K-Businesscom, brick-and-mortar retail can now catch up. For chain stores, shopping malls and the city: infrastructure, sensors and analysis technologies are growing together smartly. With the Smart Retail Suite, brick-and-mortar retail has the opportunity to get to know the behavior of its customers more and more precisely and thus to use its own strengths in relation to online retail in the long term. In the Smart Retail Suite, the latest sensor and analysis technologies merge with the existing infrastructure to create a holistic, powerful solution. The analyzes work on the basis of self-learning algorithms. The Smart Retail Suite brings rapid added value, is investment and future-proof, scalable and expandable.

What you should know about your location and how to manage it.

  • How do my customers tick and which flow through my business is optimal?
  • Where do I ideally have to place my offers in order to generate as much attention as possible?
  • How many people are walking past my store? How many are entering it?
  • Which display advertising works?
  • Which special action areas are particularly interesting for customers and can thus increase my sales?
Chain stores  Heatmaps for product range design
 Event controlling 
& Marketing activities
Shopping centers and specialist markets 
 Zones & customer segmentation

Know your customer – through frequency management

Large online providers know their customers and thus their wishes and expectations. Why shouldn't this also be possible offline, at the POS, in the store? Make sure you know your customers, too! Digital solutions by K-Businesscom for footfall monitoring in stores, in shopping centers and retail parks, in the city and in pedestrian zones help you achieve that. Different monitoring methods can be individually adapted for the respective retail space. Other advantages include the evaluation of marketing activities and event controlling, gender and age recognition, and secure data management.

What you should know about your location and how to manage it.

  • Main frequency at the inputs
  • Passers-by turn-in rate
  • Customer distribution heat map
  • Distribution of customers in certain zones
  • Frequency of visits
  • Length of stay
  • Checkout queue management
  • Integration of third-party systems

All benefits at a glance

  • Better understanding of the buying behavior of regular and new customers
  • Behavior-based predictions and interpretations
  • Assistance in placing goods
  • Optimization of walking routes
  • Resource planning, e.g. at the checkout areas
  • Early detection of possible churn ("customer churn")
  • Gathering information on the performance of individual locations
  • Results of the movement data acquisition as a basis for marketing activities
  • Personalized marketing can also be used offline
  • Rapid reaction to any pandemic measures, e.g. E.g .: people counting

Would you like to know more about the Smart Retail Suite? Click here for our folder!

  • POS: online and offline merge into one world.
  • Channel - it doesn't matter! Customers no longer differentiate between online and offline.
  • Shopping experience: Customer experience and shopping convenience are becoming the measure of all things.
  • Those who optimize the use of space optimize the yield.
  • Customer data: It depends on the correct storage and analysis of more and more data.
  • more sales per square meter thanks to multimedia sales support
  • Internet of Things: networking of different components and sensors

Digitization solutions beyond retail

Get an overview of the areas in which K-Businesscom solutions can be used!

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