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Digital transformation in the health & social care sector

The digital networking of all healthcare stakeholders.

KBC Smart Health Platform
People. Health. Efficiency.



PatientFlow supports patients on their way through treatment. Intelligent management of digital queues makes "orderly waiting" possible and optimizes processes around patient administration, visitor management and appointment scheduling. The solution integrates all relevant components and interfaces: Interactive terminals and apps for tablet and smartphone, flexible communication, guidance and room information systems, terminals for check-in and check-out. PatientFlow can easily be expanded to include the option of web-based appointment scheduling, including the possibility of integration into a hospital information system.

Join Max on his Patient Journey ..

01 Illu Patient Journey-01
This doesn't feel good at all! Max's knee needs to be examined urgently.
02 Illu Patient Journey-01
But it feels good: Max has landed in a Smart Hospital and is already in the middle of the KBC Patient Journey at the interactive registration terminal!
03 Illu Patient Journey-01
The assistant has an overview of all treatment rooms and waiting times on her screen.
04 Illu Patient Journey-01
Via Digital Forms, Max can enter his data and sign it digitally.
05 Illu Patient Journey-01
Now there's some bad news: Max's knee looks damaged. And the good news: with one click, the findings and referral go directly to the physiotherapist.
06 Illu Patient Journey-01
There Max already gets the first exercises and the further steps explained.
07 Illu Patient Journey-01
And at home, thanks to telemedicine, things continue remotely - the therapist keeps an eye on Max's progress.
08 Illu Patient Journey-01
The KBC Patient Journey enables Max to be diagnosed and treated quickly, and this is having an effect - Max's CT is unremarkable.

Smart Hospital powered by K-Businesscom

For us, Smart Health and Social Care means optimizing administrative processes, networking doctors and nurses, and enabling them to work more efficiently with digital tools for diagnosis and therapy. Hospitals benefit from an all-round carefree package. The classic solutions - VPN, firewall, IoT, server, storage and much more - are supplemented by an industry-specific portfolio.


Mobile Care with the AMiS digital ward round trolley from Alphatron

The all-in-one solution enables efficient measurement of vital data, secure medication administration and optimal documentation. The measured values are automatically stored in the patient record in the hospital information system (HIS). In addition, the values are displayed on the AMiS screen.

The caregiver is identified after you sign in with your employee ID.

AMiSconnect myHeight automatically adjusts the AMiS to the correct ergonomic working height.

The nurse identifies the patient and the correct patient file opens automatically in the HIS.

AMiSconnect ViTALS automatically stores the vital sign measurement in the correct patient record after validation.

AMiSconnect MedSafe opens the patient-specific medication drawer directly from the HIS.

Digital forms

The digitization of medical data directly on site - in hospitals, in medicine and nursing - ensures greater efficiency, security and transparency. Staff members are relieved and have more time for their core tasks - i.e., for providing in-depth care for their patients. Digital forms also allow biometric signatures to be captured, handwritten on the tablet.

  • Support for process-compliant admission, documentation, patient education, consents ..
  • Exchange of data, signatures, annotated images with clinical information systems, lab ..
  • Exchange of data for system checklists in housekeeping and business organization ..
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Security Clinic Scan

// we transform for the better

Optimal visibility in hospitals with K-Businesscom Security Clinic Scan. The holistic approach of K-Businesscom and Cisco provides increased security in various networks while reducing effort and costs.

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Telemedicine solutions

Doctor-to-Doctor, Doctor-to-Patient, routine treatment, real-time: K-Businesscom has the optimal solution for every telemedicine requirement, such as teleambulances or virtual treatment rooms in high-end video and audio quality.

Platform for telemedical long-term care

For example, telecare improves the quality of life of chronically ill people by providing digital care with images and sound in their familiar home environment and support in coping with everyday life.

Content Analytics

Big Data in healthcare: Content analytics solutions from K-Businesscom support physicians in diagnosis and therapy - with rule-based artificialintelligence and enterprise search solutions for querying, searching and providing information for the analysis of specific scenarios.

we transform for the better

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Digital transformation in the health & social care sector

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K-Businesscom PatientFlow

PatientFlow, the digital queue management solution from K-Businesscom. PatientFlow is smart, practical and tailored to the complex requirements of healthcare providers. Everything flows, everything becomes easier and everyone benefits.

AMiS Digital Rounds Trolley

The AMiS is a real friend in everyday hospital life and much more than a ward round trolley. The all-in-one solution enables efficient measurement of vital signs and ECG data, secure medication administration and optimal documentation. Digital. Mobile. Secure. AMiS.

Digital Forms

Capturing medical data directly on site with mobile tablets and integrating it into clinical and administrative processes without loss of time ensures greater efficiency, safety and transparency.

K-Businesscom Security Clinic Scan

IT, facility management and medical technology combined: KBC Security Clinic Scan, a holistic approach from K-Businesscom and Cisco, increases visibility and security in hospital networks while reducing effort and costs.

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