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Digitization in thepublic sector

What K-Businesscom offers the public sector

Public sector companies that start their digitalization journey with K-Businesscom can expect many benefits and improvements:

More proximity to citizens

Digitization noticeably improves proximity to citizens.

Smart Services

Modern, smart service offering

Administrative streamlining

Streamlining administrative structures

Cost efficiency

Reduction of costs and relief for taxpayers

Public buildings

Smart and high-performance public buildings

Employee satisfaction

Increasing employee satisfaction in administrations


Digital comfort

Whether banks, schools, government offices or airports: citizens, customers and tourists feel most comfortable and best served in a modern, informative and interesting environment. There is no way around the digital solutions from K-Businesscom.

we transform for the better

Our offer for the public sector

Private public cloud, MFD, cyber security, eEducation and multimedia citizen service: all these K-Businesscom solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of companies in the public sector.

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Private-public cloud concepts

K-Businesscom's private public cloud is an end-to-end cloud service that uses a combination of its own and public data centers. In the "Cloud Smart" approach, sensitive data remains with the customer, while non-sensitive data moves to the cloud. Accompaniment throughout the cloud transformation journey!

Modern communication solutions

Unified Communication combines telephony and client infrastructure. With the multifunctional dispatcher (MFD), we offer a versatile product. This communication platform for business-critical workflows combines telephony, video telephony, call center, SMS, Whatsapp and e-mail.

Digital School 4.0

As an partner, we offer technical support for servers, pads, WLAN, MSTeams, collaboration, video and more. Together with and Cisco Meraki, we implement projects at schools. Learn how digitization creates added value for teaching and learning!

Multimedia citizen service

Better services bring us closer to our citizens. Multimedia-based, flexible and future-proof intelligent administrations are in demand. We are leaders in this field and offer integrated solutions.


In difficult times, it's important to work closely together in a spirit of trust, as we have done for many years with K-Businesscom. The project was complex and required a lot of commitment and initiative from all sides. From the very beginning, the cooperation between all departments and the school administration and K-Businesscom was goal and solution oriented; we - especially our students and teachers - are very satisfied with the results so far.

Lic. iur. Andreas Schmidt, MBA MPA akad. VM, Head of Schools and Kindergartens

St. Pölten Municipality, Department of Culture and Education

Cyber Security Concepts

Systems, processes and networks that are essential for maintaining societal functions are referred to as critical infrastructure. Attacks on such structures by cyber criminals are becoming increasingly frequent and sometimes have serious consequences for the economy and society. K-Businesscom offers a highly effective solution to this problem: holistic security concepts with the following security-relevant aspects:

  • Identification of weak points
  • Recognizing structural problems
  • Analyze attack patterns
  • proactive and preventive measures
  • Securing evidence
  • Defense and defense solutions
  • Building sustainable protection mechanisms

Case Study


Optimized IT administration of Stadtwerke Unna with Allegro Packets. For network management, administration of external service providers and monitoring.

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Case Study

AMS - Public Employment Service Austria

Smart Lightning solution for the service line area in the AMS building in Vienna 22. For less energy consumption and a more pleasant lighting climate in everyday working life.

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Case Study


FQM - Frequency Measurement as a Service for measuring visitor frequencies with DSGVO-compliant data collection.

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Case Study

Federal Theater

Implementation of a CISCO DNA Center for centralized network management.

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