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Digitalization in the public sector

K-Businesscom supports companies in the public sector on their path to digitalization. Find out about our specialized solutions for this industry!


Banks, schools, government offices, or airports: Citizens, customers and tourists feel most comfortable in a modern, informative and interesting environment. The good news: The digital solutions developed by K-Businesscom create exactly this kind of environment.

The following topics, trends and challenges are shaping digitalization in the public sector and in public administration:

  • personal data: increasing demands on data protection
  • pressure to cut costs: processes must be optimized
  • citizen services: from government offices to e-government
  • critical infrastructures: more networking requires more security

What K-Businesscom offers for the public sector

Companies that embark on their digitalization journey together with K-Businesscom benefit from a number of advantages:

  • increased proximity to citizens
  • cutting-edge smart services
  • the streamlining of administrative structures
  • a reduction in costs and thus relief for taxpayers
  • intelligent and high-performance public buildings
  • increased employee satisfaction in administrations

Digital solutions for the public sector

The Private Public Cloud, MFD, cybersecurity, e-education, and multimedia citizen services: All these K-Businesscom solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of companies in the public sector. 

Private Public Cloud concepts

The Private Public Cloud is an end-to-end cloud service by K-Businesscom – it's a mixture of the company's own and a public data center. In line with a "cloud smart" approach, sensitive data remains "on the ground" with the customer, while non-sensitive data moves to the cloud. Public cloud services are therefore only used where they actually add value. Find out how K-Businesscom supports companies throughout their entire cloud transformation journey!

State-of-the-art communications solutions

The term unified communication describes the interaction between telecommunications and the client infrastructure. K-Businesscom offers its own and extremely versatile product for this purpose: the MFD (multifunctional dispatcher). The communication platform for business-critical workflows combines contact options such as the phone, video chat, call centers, SMS, Whatsapp, or e-mail. The MFD is highly customizable and based on industry-standardized hardware. 


K-Businesscom has made it its mission to also support schools in Austria in their digital transformation. The "eEducation Austria" network has set itself two specific goals in this context:

  • fostering the didactically meaningful use of digital media in all subjects
  • improving the IT skills and digital competencies of students

As a partner of, we provide technical support for the implementation of servers, tablets, WLAN, MSTeam, collaboration, video chat, and more. Find out how digitalization can add value to both teaching and learning!

Multimedia citizens' service

The better the services, the closer you are to your citizens. Multimedia, flexible and future-proof: Intelligent, networked administrations are in high demand. K-Businesscom is one of the leading companies with comprehensive expertise in this area offering integrated or integrating solutions. For instance, for the automation of processes for citizen inquiries and the management of downstream services. 

“In difficult times, it is important to work closely and trustingly together, as we have been doing with K-Businesscom for many years. The project was complex and required a lot of commitment and initiative from all sides. From the beginning, the cooperation of all departments and the school administration with K-Businesscom was goal-oriented and solution-oriented. We - especially our students and teachers - are very satisfied with the results so far. "

Lic. Iur. Andreas Schmidt, MBA MPA acad. VM, Head of schools and kindergartens, Magistrate St. Pölten, Department of Culture and Education

Cyber security concepts

Systems, processes and networks that are essential for the functioning of society are called critical infrastructures. Attacks on such structures by cybercriminals are becoming increasingly frequent, sometimes with serious consequences for the economy and society as a whole. K-Businesscom offers a highly effective solution to this problem: comprehensive security concepts for the following security-relevant aspects:

  • identification of vulnerabilities
  • recognition of structural problems
  • analysis of attack patterns
  • proactive and preventive measures
  • securing of evidence
  • defense solutions
  • establishment of sustainable protection mechanisms

Digitization in the public sector & in many other industries

The public sector is just one of many industries in which K-Businesscom operates as a reliable digitalization partner. Find out more about how the Austrian company is driving the digital transformation!

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