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K-Businesscom has an integrated management system and is certified to ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 27001 (information security management) and ISO 29993 (learning services outside formal education - service requirements).

Sustainability certificate

Diversity Charter: Setting an example - leveraging diversity!

The Diversity Charter is an initiative to promote respect for all members of society - regardless of gender, age, origin and skin color, sexual orientation, religion and world view, or physical or mental disability.

Other certificates

K-Businesscom Certified
With our new quality classification system "K-Businesscom Certified" we make the different service levels transparent for you. More than 500 K-Businesscom Certified specialists from 30 service centers throughout Austria are available to you with four quality classification levels: tailored to the most diverse areas of application.

The K-Businesscom International Partner Expert
has access to the network of our international partner landscape and enables direct and easy contact with leading technology companies.

The KCSP - K-Businesscom Certified Solution Professional
achieves a high level of qualification and top educational level also through national and internationally recognized certifications. He acts as a technological consultant and supports you with a mature understanding of processes.

The KCSE - K-Businesscom Certified System Integration Expert
is characterized by an extended knowledge that also extends to other systems. The basis for this is extensive training and certification at our partner companies.

The KCIS - K-Businesscom Certified Installation Specialist
integrates a wide range of self-contained technology components on the basis of a high level of knowledge acquired through corresponding manufacturer certifications.

The KQIE - K-Businesscom Qualified Installation Engineer
supports you with the high-quality installation and assembly of active and passive system components. He makes simple basic settings and prepares the installation so that it can be handed over in top quality and perfect function.

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