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K-Converged Services

Leading utilities and service providers such as Magenta or UPC manage large customer bases and assets with numerous features and provide services. This is exactly what K-Converged Services, a subsidiary of K-Businesscom, is for - the Austrian specialist for thedevelopment andimplementation of Converged ITservices and IT solutions for the business processes of these customers in DACH and CEE.

What K-Converged Services offers

  • an end-2-end portfolio from a single source
  • standardized, high-quality services
  • highest availability
  • Scalability
  • Service management: operation, administration and maintenance
  • Investment and future security through new business models
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Trident Provisioning Platform

K-Businesscom's Trident Provisioning Platform (TPP) is a convergent, microservice-based service activation platform. In concrete terms: Trident activatesservices forendcustomers,companies andindustrial components(OT devices) in complex, heterogeneous multi-vendor network and IT environments in a fully automatedmanner. In detail: Trident from K-Businesscom ..

  • is executable "on premise" in the cloud or as SaaS
  • canactivateall customer endpointsand services, completely independent of protocols, interfaces and/or access technologies
  • provides full, seamless traceability of product, customer and activation status
  • can sustainably support thedigitization of existing business processesand theautomation of recurring work steps
  • can be equipped and extended with numerous OTS (off the shelf) connectors
  • supports "self-healing"workflows (point-of-no-return, auto-complete, rollback, rollforward) to minimize possible fallouts or manual interventions
  • provides full KPI reporting
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Ready for your challenges and market trends

The K-Businesscom portfolio for smart utilities and service providers is the convincing answer to thecurrentdevelopments andfocal pointsin the energyindustry.

  • Climate protection and alternative energies
  • Decentralization in power supply
  • Power grids: intelligent and automated
  • Smart metering obligation
  • Energy business as a digital business of the future
  • Networks and data: highest demands on protection and security
  • rising costs and stricter E-Control guidelines
  • new models in energy storage
  • Peer-to-peer business models are becoming increasingly attractive
  • further networking and digitization make us more vulnerable
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Press - 7. September 2022

Digital energy communities as the key to the energy transition

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Press - 5. May 2022

Intertrust and K-Businesscom AG join forces to drive forward the digital energy revolution

VIENNA and SAN FRANCISCO - May 5, 2022. K-Businesscom AG, a technology company in the DACH region, and Intertrust, the global leader in digital rights management and data interoperability, today …

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Optimized IT administration of Stadtwerke Unna with Allegro Packets. For network management, administration of external service providers and monitoring.

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Vorarlberger Energy Networks GmbH

Comprehensive smart meter solution including supply, implementation and maintenance of in-house developed smart energy management.

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