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Connecting the industrial dots securely

You may be familiar with this: 20 different production machines from 13 different manufacturers, equipped with nine different control systems. This could be the heterogeneous landscape that has accumulated in your company over the last 25 years. How can you turn this into a digital factory? It's simple - with the first step: a consulting discussion with K-Businesscom.

Solutions for Industry 4.0

Together with you, we digitize crucial industrial processes. When processes are optimized through digitization, this makes things easier for everyone involved - and opens up completely new business models for companies. Benefits and advantages at a glance:

  • Increase in OEE: big impact through the smallest of improvements
  • Increase in product and/or process quality: more output, fewer complaints, shorter throughput times
  • comprehensive overview of operational processes
  • Linking of information brings more efficient processes and new business models
  • Transparency as a neutral basis for decision-making for all parties involved
  • Knowledge transfer, remote working and training on the job thanks to digital assistance systems
  • Security at all levels: Security for IT infrastructures in the office, for remote structures and in production (operational technology)

The Digital Factory from K-Businesscom

IAI, IoT and Big Data - it is difficult to imagine anything concrete in these terms ... In order to give these trends physical space, K-Businesscom has created its own "Digital Factory" competence area; here K-Businesscom works in close cooperation with the technical universities of Vienna, Graz and Linz. From software to hardware, all the building blocks are developed and tested that customers need for a consistent end-to-end strategy in the direction of the Digital Factory.
Here we focus on the topic of Industry 4.0 and thus, because it is necessary, on how production can become urban again through clean technologies and increasing digitization.

Smarter and more efficient than ever before

The Digital Factory acts as an interface between man and machine, with a wide variety of manifestations. The trick is to

  • understanding operational requirements,
  • To capture data, link it in a meaningful way, and transform it
  • into a value-enhancing, secure solution.

Many processes in manufacturing, setup and maintenance have so far often not been digitized at all or only partially. This means that a lot of potential is lost, because the networking of production systems and dynamic business processes enables process optimization, scrap reduction and more profitable manufacturing of products, and even individualized up to batch size 1.

What sounds dry is vividly easy to explain: The video gives an insight into how Industry 4.0 can be implemented in practice.


Industrial areas of application for digitization solutions

Whether production, maintenance, quality assurance or supply chain management: solutions from K-Businesscom have long been used in diverse industrial processes.

  • Recommendations for the optimization of machine settings
  • Support for makeready operations
  • Production and task planning
  • Digitization of maintenance processes
  • digital forms and process control
  • digital assistance, AR and VR
Quality assurance
  • Online quality check
  • long-term optimizations
  • 100% control brings 100% quality
Supply Chain Management
  • Digitize inventories
  • Forecasting based on production planning
  • Localization of goods, pallets, deliveries and more

"The most important aspect of a project like this is a dynamic, innovative project team that can clearly identify with the topic of Industry 4.0 as well as with digitization."

Thomas Kranner Project Manager at Zoerkler Gears GmbH & CoKG

WorkHeld for technical field service

Are you concerned about the shortage of skilled workers? But how can you respond to it? It's simple: with WorkHeld, the software platform for digital workflows or video and audio telephony via smartphone, tablet or data glasses in real time. In this way, work processes are guided and supported by specialists regardless of location. This means, for example, that a local technician can avoid traveling to Asia and instead instruct the customer's employees via data glasses. In the long term, this also offers opportunities for new business models for machine manufacturers, for example through billable service calls and virtual instructions for complex tasks. If problems arise, the specialists are just a phone call away and can help solve them.

Digital transformation in the industry - topics & trends

You want to set off in the direction of Industry 4.0, but don't quite know how and where to go yet? K-Businesscom is exactly the competent partner you need. We know the most important topics and trends in industrial digitalization and offer precisely tailored solutions.

  • safe networking of production plants
  • Data acquisition from the control system and sensor technology on the condition of the plants and machines
  • Analysis of data streams for predictive models and anomaly detection
  • Expansion of quality controls directly in the production line
  • Optimization of production parameters based on data
  • Linking of product and manufacturing data with customer data for seamless information
  • intelligent networks and security across the entire value chain
Start your individual energy turnaround with energy management from K-Businescom.

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