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Services by K-Businesscom

Consulting, demand analysis, solution design, financing, provider services, project management and much more: The experts of K-Businesscom accompany you through all phases from project start to the operation of your individual communication solution.

K-Businesscom: services from A to Z

With the communication solutions of K-Businesscom, companies are on the safe side for a long time to come. Thanks to our stellar services, your communication solutions pay off from the very beginning and stay efficient and productive in the long run. K-Businesscom advises, K-Businesscom develops and K-Businesscom implements – for bespoke complete solutions that leave nothing to be desired.

Why K-Businesscom? That’s why! With us, you benefit from ... 
  • the reliability and trustworthiness of an Austrian company.
  • long-term experience and expertise, proven by numerous certificates.
  • close partnerships with global technology leaders.
  • comprehensive best-practice know-how.
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“Due to its important infrastructure tasks, our company bears a great responsibility for private and industrial gas consumers. Absolute failure safety is therefore of particular importance to us. With K-Businesscom we have a managed services partner that we can rely on and the guarantee that data security is guaranteed in accordance with the latest Austrian standards. "

Mag. Stefan Wagenhofer, Managing Director of Gas Connect Austria on K-Businesscom's Managed Services

K-Businesscom’s services at a glance

It all starts with your order of an ICT solution by K-Businesscom. From then on, K-Businesscom’s project management team keeps you in the loop on the professional planning, management and control of your project. We implement the chosen ICT solution at your company – either into a new or an existing IT environment. This ensures a smooth transition. From this point on, more than 450 K-Businesscom engineers take care of our clients 24/7 – all across Austria.

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  • K-Businesscom Managed Services

    K-Businesscom assumes operational management responsibility for your ICT environment, either in parts or in its entirety. In case of multi-sourcing environments, our experts can also manage multiple ICT service providers.

    K-Businesscom Managed Services are defined services at defined costs, with guaranteed quality and availability:

    • Telephone: full service including everything from call data recording to fault management and provider billing services
    • Clients: support, proactive maintenance and repair throughout the entire system
    • Server: modular services from installation to backup management
    • Firewall: for 24/7 security of your communication solutions
    • Network: configuration and capacity utilization monitoring …

    Have you heard of … K-Businesscom Careware Services? In case of system failures, hardware and software functionality are quickly restored.

  • Other services by K-Businesscom

    In addition to K-Businesscom Managed Services, we offer a vast number of additional services:  

    • Support Services: We support your ongoing operation with contractual support services in line with the defined service levels for different technology sectors.
    • Implementation Services: We implement your communication solution by K-Businesscom.
    • Consulting Services: Our profound know-how allows us to offer individual, project-related consulting services.
    • Partner Products & Services: We offer you the chance to benefit from products and services by our strong K-Businesscom partners.
    • K-Businesscom Financial Services: We offer bespoke financing solutions via our own financing company.

    By the way: Manufacturer independence has always been one of the basic business principles of K-Businesscom. This makes it possible to develop and implement the perfect solution for every client. We analyze a company’s status quo and identify its needs and demands. Existing systems and technological frameworks are taken into account, and specific business processes are analyzed.

  • K-Businesscom ServiceCard

    One card, countless services – with our K-Businesscom ServiceCard. The card offers you pre-paid services on demand, for instance in case of system failure or maintenance works. This offer comes with the following benefits:

    • hardware and software independence
    • transparent billing
    • price guarantee for two years
    • attractive hourly rates
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Long-term partnership extended: K-Businesscom remains ICT-Managed Services partner of Gas Connect Austria

Gas Connect Austria GmbH is one of the most important infrastructure companies in Austria: It operates an approximately 900 km long natural gas high-pressure pipeline network in Austria. In addition to supplying Austria, these pipelines transport natural gas to Germany, Italy, France, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. In order to be able to concentrate fully on its core business, Gas Connect Austria has been relying on ICT (Information / Communication Technology) solutions and services from K-Businesscom since 2012 and is responsible for large parts of the operation and management of its network and IT infrastructure in the hands of K-Businesscom.

Success Story: K-Businesscom Services for Banner Batteries

The independent Austrian family company Banner successfully produces and sells starter batteries - and has brought a strong digitization partner on board with K-Businesscom in the interests of further growth. The tasks were clearly defined:

  • comprehensive takeover of a total of 13 different IT services
  • detailed project management including planning for network, security, IT and applications
  • Development and migration of services, applications and processes

And the result is a real success story ... but read it for yourself!

“K-Businesscom is a big player in the market, but it is still very flexible and can therefore respond perfectly to our needs. And now that we have outsourced IT, I can finally take care of important digitization issues. "

Christian Ott, Head of Information & Organization at Banner Batteries
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