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K-Businesscom Smart Identity and Signature Service

Process digitalization made easy: Individual end-to-end solutions simplify business processes and eliminate the need for paper.

Why complicate things when you could simply digitalize them? Contracts or applications of all kinds – such as credit applications, purchase contracts or insurance policies – can all be concluded and verified online. The Smart Identity and Signature Service by K-Businesscom is one of the leading solutions in this regard: We help you digitalize the entire process – from the application form to the finished contract document.

Smart Identity and Signature Service as an individual end-to-end solution ...

  • simplifies business processes and
  • makes paper forms redundant.

The best part: Processes are digitalized regardless of the location of the users and without media discontinuity. The automatic reading of documents works just as smoothly as qualified electronic signatures. And like in all other solutions developed by K-Businesscom, everything is GDPR-compliant. 

Digitalize your processes quickly and securely

But how does the Smart Identity and Signature Service work? The modular system is comparable to a content management system and enables fast, efficient and secure creation of online forms and online application sections. Even complex online forms can be implemented quickly and easily. Thanks to freely definable workflows, Smart Identity and Signature Service supports any type of online process – from applications to contract documents.

Individual modules

Workflow EngineIdentity verification SignatureServicesGateways
  • advanced forms
  • simple forms
  • video identification
  • photo identification
  • OCR for ID cards 
  • fingerprint
  • PSD2 ID
  • biometric ID
  • mobile signature
  • NFC for ID cards
  • "blacklist" check and approval
  • advanced electronic signature (biometric)
  • qualified electronic signature
  • data integration with existing backend systems
  • platform interactions
  • fraud detection
  • personal scoring
  • OCR text recognition of registration slips, ID cards, etc.
  • API Integration
  • SMS
  • e-mail

Areas of application

Wherever piles of documents are an undesirable part of people's daily routine, Smart Identity and Signature Service can provide relief:

  • Finance & contracts
    • loans
    • insurances
    • rental and purchase contracts
    • provider contracts
    • temporary employment contracts
  • Educational institutions and associations
    • memberships
    • enrollments
  • Automobile
    • authorities
    • motor vehicle registrations

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