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K-Businesscom – IT security solutions

Smart manufacturing – as if! Suddenly, everything came to a grinding halt and nothing worked anymore. The problem was a cyberattack on the network of a smart factory. A scenario that costs a lot of money and puts a spoke in the wheel of productivity. However, the good news is: It's a scenario that can be avoided – with a comprehensive IT security strategy and customized security solutions by K-Businesscom. 

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K-Businesscom is Austria's number 1 digitalization partner – and as such, equips companies with advanced and, above all, secure communications solutions. Customers who choose to work with us on information security benefit from a variety of advantages:

  • prevention of economic, strategic and technological damage
  • securing of valuable data assets
  • protection of profitable know-how
  • smooth operation of infrastructures
  • safeguarding of competitiveness
  • strengthening of productivity

Keep your information safe – even when working from home

More people are currently working from home than ever before. This presents many companies with major challenges. The important thing is not to open the door to attackers when it comes to your corporate network. A powerful technological infrastructure is not the only success factor. Secure access to all relevant data and applications for employees – regardless of the time and their location – is also important.

Cloud VPN solutions


Cloud VPN solutions are also known by the abbreviation SASE. A "Secure Access and Service Edge" solution uses the cloud as a transport medium. The goal is to access the Internet or the virtual company room with the lowest possible latency and maximum security. To achieve this, employees are not directly connected to the company server, but to the nearest data center of the solution provider. A connection to the company server or the Internet is established via an express route or cloud infrastructure.

These solutions are typically configured as always-on solutions and require no interaction or change to the employees' workflow. If an employee is closer to a corporate location, a tunnel to the company is established using the company's on-premise infrastructure.


  • secure and fast company server and Internet access from around the world
  • a central security policy – regardless of whether employees are on the road or at the company location
  • ready for immediate use, without requiring additional hardware
  • unlimited scaling – network traffic does not affect the company's bandwidth


  • Internet traffic flows through the cloud. Country websites with restricted access may require special attention.
  • Cross-country traffic makes it difficult to operate these solutions in a GDPR-compliant manner.
  • These solutions tend to be more expensive than secure VPN solutions.
  • Always-on solutions provide less privacy for employees when they are on their company devices.


  • Check Point Capsule Cloud
  • Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway
  • Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access

Always on: secure VPN solutions

Many companies in Austria are still using standard VPN solutions that are started "on demand" – i.e., by manual intervention of the user. These solutions can usually also be set to "always on" for permanent company access. Since all traffic passes through the company's security infrastructure, this solution is GDPR-compliant.

However, deactivating VPN access should not become the norm, as this would undermine all the company's security mechanisms. Many companies are not yet aware of this problem, thus enabling hackers to enter the company network.



  • GDPR-compliant company access
  • Traffic originates in the respective country – employees enjoy the same look-and-feel as if they were at home, and even the Google search engine reports Austrian search results. 


  • All corporate traffic passes through the company's firewalls and Internet access points which requires appropriate sizing.
  • Response times of a local VPN solution are only fast within the respective country. Cloud VPN solutions are much more performant in comparison.


  • Check Point Remote Secure Access
  • Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
  • Microsoft Always On VPN
  • Barracuda CudaConnect
  • Palo Alto Networks Global Protect

Multi-factor authentication solutions

Let's not forget about people and the role they play when it comes to cybersecurity. Multi-factor authentication solutions are used to ensure that only the company's employees can get access to your company network. In addition to the device itself, the person using it is also authenticated. In addition, IT security can be significantly increased via biometrics-based technology such as Windows Hello or Yubico Yubikeys.


  • Check Point SecureID
  • Cisco DUO Security
  • Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

Comprehensive IT security strategy from K-Businesscom


Identify vulnerabilities and take a proactive approach. This can be achieved with ...

  • the K-Businesscom audit portfolio for strengthening organizational and technological security.
  • the K-Businesscom training portfolio for strengthening security awareness and security know-how.

This includes our business impact analyses, compliance audits, incident response, hacker workshops, and more.


Protect networks and minimize possible points of attack. Our security classics from firewalls to encryption are innovative solutions developed by leading technology partners – implemented and supported by certified K-Businesscom experts:

  • cloud security
  • network security
  • content security
  • APT solutions
  • application security

All these are highly effective methods to make life difficult for cybercriminals.


Detect infections and uncover damage. For this purpose, you can make use of:

  • security monitoring
  • compromise assessment
  • threat intelligence
  • credential monitoring

Infections are identified, removed, and analyzed. Network traffic is recorded and scanned for unwanted communications. We learn from this – and quickly initiate highly effective measures for future protection and to minimize the damage. This ensures that something that has happened in the past never happens again.


Evaluate attack strategies and secure evidence. Incident Response by K-Businesscom offers optimal support in case of security-relevant incidents:

  • analysis
  • removal
  • response

In the K-Businesscom Incident Response Readiness Workshop, IT managers are optimally prepared for future incidents.

Learn more about the strategy and approach of the KBC Cyber Defense Center!

 K-Businesscom – Success story IT security: Wienerberger


Cyber Defence Center

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Cybersecurity – Developments and challenges

K-Businesscom is aware of the pressing issues in the area of IT security and is addressing them with cutting-edge solutions:

  • Cybercriminal attacks on IT networks are increasing in frequency around the globe.
  • Hackers are using more and more sophisticated methods.
  • CryptoLocker and other ransomware are particularly dangerous.
  • Complex infrastructures with large volumes of data are especially vulnerable to attack.
  • Industry 4.0: No smart factory without intelligent security solutions!
  • Vulnerabilities in networks often remain undetected for too long.
  • System infections are often identified late – sometimes even too late.
  • The best defense is a proactive approach and comprehensive strategy.

In safe hands – with K-Businesscom 


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