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Intelligent Networks

Modern transmission technologies and optimum network management are only a few of the smart network solutions developed by K-Businesscom. Learn more!

An intelligent network serves as a platform for the development and provision of services as well as their management. A concrete example of this is the so-called Virtual Private Network (VPN): Employees are given access to the company network regardless of their location and can thus use programs, documents, etc. within this network.

Current developments and challenges

Increasing digitalization and a rapid rise in the number of international teams create the following challenges:

  • In just a few years' time, 25 billion devices will be networked.
  • Data volumes are growing exponentially.
  • The pressure to cut costs is increasing along with demands for high levels of quality and performance.
  • Industry 4.0: Major developments are yet to come.
  • Energy efficiency is a must.

This has resulted in specific requirements that must be met today and in the future, which in turn created a need for high-quality performance- and future-oriented solutions. Where can you find them? At number 1 expert in digitalization – K-Businesscom.


Smart solutions developed by K-Businesscom

Transmission technologies 

Carrier ethernet, SDH, microwave and DWDM are among the most advanced transmission technologies and part of our standard portfolio. Tailored deployment: The selected technology is adapted to broadband and big data, and a specific solution is designed for carriers and providers. Tasks ranging from service management and provisioning to performance monitoring are all handled by K-Businesscom.

Optimum network management

What matters most in network management? It has to be proactive, highly available, efficient, and certified. K-Businesscom ensures optimum performance, short response times, and fast recovery times. Beyond that, we also offer a wealth of additional options.

Network projects (LAN/WAN)

K-Businesscom is a certified long-term partner of leading global technology providers and network manufacturers. Customers thus benefit from unique expertise in the development and implementation of LAN and WAN projects..

“We didn't want to turn a network into rocket science. It works the way it's supposed to work. Without a lot of support, without a lot of headaches on all sides. And that's exactly what we had in mind. "

Christoph Pertl, IT security officer at ÖAMTC on the Aruba-based home office infrastructure implemented by K-Businesscom

LoRa: harnessing data from the IoT

A special tool for efficient communication is LoRa, the proprietary network of K-Businesscom. Its innovative low-power radio technology offers secure and efficient data transmission in the "Internet of Things". This once again highlights that K-Businesscom is an ideal end-to-end partner in digitalization. The technology provides an efficient and cost-effective way of integrating devices and sensors into communication networks.

Advantages of K-Businesscom solutions

  • very high availability
  • optimum price-performance ratio
  • consulting, implementation and operation – all from a single source
  • certified expertise
  • solutions hosted in Austria

K-Businesscom for Harreither: an innovative & integrated basic IT infrastructure

Harreither is Austria's number 1 provider in the field of panel heating and cooling systems. Security, availability and performance are crucial to the company's success. In their search for new IT systems that meet complex requirements and overcome unique digital challenges, Harreither made a truly smart decision. In collaboration with K-Businesscom, the entire basic IT infrastructure was renewed.

The following solutions by leading technology partners HPE, Barracuda, Veeam and Microsoft were in use in creating this new and innovative IT infrastructure:

  • firewall
  • e-mail security
  • uninterruptible power supply
  • LAN renewal
  • renewal of the server and storage solution, including backup
  • a Windows server and Office 365 licenses
  • PCs and monitors

Of great importance to Harreither were the swift and smooth project implementation and the migration of existing services to the new server and storage solutions. All challenges were mastered according to plan thanks to the fantastic collaboration between the IT managers at Harreither and the specialists at K-Businesscom.

In short: Thanks to K-Businesscom, the company now has a first-rate IT infrastructure, and Harreither has also gained a long-term and reliable partner on its journey to a successful digital future.

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