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Frequency Measurement as a Service

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F for Flexibility, Q for Quality, M for Management


KBC sheds light on the behavior of your customers. According to the motto of “Know your customer,” FQM provides you with an innovative and highly efficient solution for learning more about your customers. For example, in order to improve the targeting of marketing measures at the POS or POI. With FQM, you know when, where and how many customers enter, how long they spend at a certain location and how long they dwell at promotional displays and similar information points. Customer counts, dwell times, times of day. And all of it secure and GDPR-compliant. Suitable for a small-scale solution or a global concept for international players with a large network of stores.

FQM, the new abbreviation for transparency and efficiency. With FQM – Frequency Measurement as a Service from K-Businesscom, you have at your disposal a highly effective instrument for measuring your customer and visitor traffic with GDPR-compliant data collection – all from a single provider. Smart, flexible, future-proof. Anywhere you need to know about customer flows and behavior. POS or POI: FQM is the solution.

How K-Businesscom FQM as a Service works


FQM from K-Businesscom offers all the necessary functionality and features for recording and analyzing flows of people – while ensuring that the data is accessible only to authorized users. In the KBC Cloud Platform, users can configure their own individual dashboard or the data can be passed to downstream applications via corresponding interfaces. The data collection and analysis are implemented in compliance with GDPR.

  • measure 

    Data on visitor traffic in promotional zones obtained with FQM allows brick-and-mortar retailers to optimize the shopping experience.

  • analyze 

    Implemented marketing measures can be evaluated on a per-store basis or across all stores, with the goal of improving revenue through targeted measures.

  • optimize 

    Measuring visitor traffic across all stores in a highly secure and GDPR-compliant way opens up new and highly targeted possibilities for optimization.

Technical features

  • Interfaces to optical 3D sensors, floor plan display, division into zones and shops for an intuitive overview
  • Premade widgets allow all relevant data, such as zones of interest, dwell time, capacity utilization, etc., to be visualized and compared at the click of a mouse
  • Administrative features such as sub-client separation and user management enable accessing of precisely the data required
  • Professional sensors and data processing in compliance with GDPR for true 24/7 deployment
  • High-availability cloud infrastructure in a secure, certified data center in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 standards

Your potential dashboard: 


By combining the various levels, it is possible to obtain a simple and intuitive overview of the desired data and to evaluate the level of success, such as the effectiveness of the most recent POS promotion.

Hanspeter Seiss, FQM Product Manager at KBC 
Stefan Marent

Platform Services
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