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Smart Identity and Signature Service

Why complicate things when you can do them digitally?

Contracts or applications of all kinds, such as loan applications, purchase contracts or insurance policies, can also be concluded and verified online. K-Businesscom's Smart Identity and Signature Service is at your service in this respect: the entire process, from the application to the finished contract document, takes place in digital form.

Smart Identity and Signature Service as an individually tailored end-to-end solution ...

  • makes business processes easier and
  • Paper forms obsolete.

The best thing about it is that processes are digitized regardless of location and without media disruption. The automatic reading of documents is just as successful as the digital, qualified signature. And like all other solutions from K-Businesscom, this solution is also DSGVO-compliant.

Digitize quickly and securely

But how does the Smart Identity and Signature Service work? The modular system is comparable to a content management system and enables online forms and online application sections to be created quickly, efficiently and securely. Even complex online forms can be implemented quickly and easily. Thanks to freely definable workflows, Smart Identity and Signature Service supports every type of online process - from the application to the contract document.

Freely selectable modules

Workflow EngineIdentity verificationSignatureServicesGateways
  • Advanced Forms
  • Simple Forms
  • Videoident
  • Photoident
  • ID Card OCR
  • Fingerprint
  • PSD2 ID
  • Biometric ID
  • Cell phone signature
  • ID card via NFC
  • Matching with "blacklists" and approval
  • Advanced electronic signature (biometric)
  • Qualified electronic signature
  • Data integration with existing backend systems
  • Platform interactions
  • Fraud detection
  • Personal Scoring
  • OCR text recognition of registration slips, ID cards, etc.
  • API Integration
  • SMS
  • Mail

Areas of application

Wherever piles of documents are part of the undesirable daily routine, Smart Identity and Signature Service comes into play:

Finances & Contracts
  • Loans
  • Insurances
  • Lease and purchase contracts
  • Provider contracts
  • Temporary employment contracts
Educational Institutions & Associations
  • Memberships
  • Enrollments
  • Authorities
  • Vehicle registrations

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Case Study


KSV InfoPass with the Smart Identity and Signature Service (SISS).

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Learn more about process digitization with our Smart Identity and Signature Service!

Claudia Adam-Tyl

Head of Sales Finance

K-Businesscom AG
Wienerbergstraße 53, 1120 Wien, Österreich
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How may I help you?