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Smart Energy Management

SEM makes life easier for energy suppliers - thanks to KBC.

Check, prepare, pass on data - that's what the SEM Suite can do

The SEM suite was developed by K-Businesscom to remotely read and configure digital electricity, gas, water and heat/cold meters regardless of manufacturer, type and communication technology.

The meter data received in the SEM-Suite is checked for plausibility, stored in historical form and prepared for forwarding to higher-level systems (e.g. billing and customer portals). The modern user interface enables maximum convenience and offers many tools to support the smooth operation of a smart meter system, such as ...

  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Alarm functions

Intelligent energy supply - smart grid needs smart meters

Smart meters are the basis for smart grids - the intelligent power grid of the future that will ensure such important components as decentralized renewable energies, e-mobility and the necessary load distribution. The Electricity Directive in the third EU internal market package calls for the introduction of "intelligent metering systems" - smart meters - for all consumers. Nevertheless, in the energy supplier/grid operator environment, numerous business processes are still handled manually and are correspondingly cost-intensive. This is why a radical change is currently taking place in the energy sector and a wide range of business processes are being digitized, driven by the introduction of smart meters.

One of the key components for digitizing these business processes is the K-Businesscom SEM Suite, which acts as a central data hub and receives, processes and forwards data from a wide range of systems (billing, SAP, customer portals, smart meters, etc.).


Expandable as needed - four flexibly deployable modules

The modular architecture allows flexible integration of the different SEM systems:

Meter data management


Head-end system


Key Management


Customer portal

Ready for the energy transition? We are!

SEM is the central management tool for smart meter environments to monitor system and business processes, detect errors and correct them as quickly as possible. Network operators benefit from the introduction of smart metering primarily through efficiency gains in network operations, especially in time-consuming processes such as meter reading, billing, relocations, and the handling of system startups or shutdowns.

The advantages at a glance

// we transform for the better

Our solutions are vendor-independent, client-agnostic, modularly extensible and offer a future-proof cloud strategy.

Manufacturer independence

more than ten different integrated meter systems

Client separation

sophisticated, safe and cost-efficient

Modular expandable

four flexible modules

Cloud Strategy

Ecosystem extensions towards IoT, smart grid solutions, etc.

KBC as the perfect digitization partner for network operators

  • extensive E2E process know-how - from the meter to the billing system, including technical use cases
  • great experience with inhomogeneous landscapes (different meter manufacturers, different system SW, different companion standards)

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Case Study

Vorarlberger Energy Networks GmbH

Comprehensive smart meter solution including supply, implementation and maintenance of in-house developed smart energy management.

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