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Find and implement the best IoT concept with KBC Scalegile

Mastering complex challenges with agility and flexibility

According to international studies, only 30% of IoT projects make it out of the proof-of-concept phase. Pilot projects are often very complex, the validation of different concepts is expensive, and the interaction of the numerous components in particular presents enormous challenges. Testing severalconcepts would be helpful, of course, but is often skipped for cost reasons. As a result, the first concept that comes along is adopted, and this takes its toll during the course of the project. The processes associated with scaling, such as the administration of the increasing number of devices, cause unplanned expenses, and in the worst case scenario, the cost-benefit calculation ultimately approaches zero.


Validation of different concepts is expensive and an E2E consideration is complex


Wrong concept boomerangs and leads to lazy compromises


Scaling - an additional hurdle Administrative processes increase effort

Strong in every phase

- dynamic requirements demand a flexible platform.

Scalegile supports you in every development phase ofIoT projects, from proof of concept to scaling. In the proof of concept phase Scalegile helps with versatile protocol support and simple data processing. Concepts can be adapted and validated in an agile manner.

In the pilot phase, Scalegile enables efficient user and role management, digital twins for visualization and simple device administration. Problems are identified and fixed. In the scaling phase, Scalegile reduces complexity through logical grouping, bulk data processing and multi-tenant management. Monitoring and alerting features ensure trouble-free operation.

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Proof of Concept
  • "Per device" pricing for all platform functions
  • Data transmission via LoRA-WAN, mobile radio or network-connected
  • Generic interpretation of transmission protocols: LoRA, MQTT, REST, TCP, Websocket
  • Easy transformation of raw data into timeseries data
  • Configurable dashboards for data visualization
  • REST interfaces for easy integration with business applications
  • Real-time access to interpreted and transformed timeseries data
  • User management enables different perspectives on the project
  • fast reaction to changed conditions during test installation
  • Mapping of the digital twin
  • freely configurable dashboards
  • easy adoption of concepts from the proof-of-concept phase
  • Bulk Operations
  • Abstractions at all levels
  • Scaling of the pilot
  • Hosting of own microservices
  • dynamic and static groups
  • Management of multiple clients and subclients

A simple calculation: Scalability + Agility = Scalegile

Scalegile reduces the developmentcosts ofIoT projects, time to market is drastically reduced and the probabilityof successincreases. The successful scaling of your IoT solution is the cornerstonefor a globallyavailable service. This allows potential for optimization and new business models to be fully exploited. The open architecture of the solution protects your investments and guarantees the necessary flexibility for future requirements. Scalegile accompanies your project in all phases of the product lifecycle, as a comprehensive IoT platform it counteracts fragmentation of the overall system and thus helps to save operating costs.

Shortens time to market
Raises potentials
Provides investment protection

From sensor to app

The Internet of Things will only develop its full power in the future. With K-Businesscom, however, there is already the right partner who comprehensively implements IoT from the sensor to the operation of the complete solution. Typical components of the data link are:

  • Sensor: The plant, device or machine is upgraded, additional operating parameters are recorded.
  • Embedded Systems & Gateways: Measured values from sensors are bundled or pre-processed. Thus, data is not transmitted continuously, but only when something important happens.
  • Connectivity: WLAN, 5G, LoRa, radio protocol - depending on the area of application, it is decided how data is transmitted. Factors such as data volume, availability of energy or structural conditions play a role.
  • Platform: The customer decides where the data is collected. Private cloud, public cloud, data center, on premise - the details are tailored to the company's individual needs and specifications. From a technological perspective, K-Businesscom offers different applications and frameworks:
    • Microsoft Azure: As a long-standing partner, K-Businesscom implements individual solutions based on Microsoft cloud services.
    • Smart IoT platform: The platform developed by K-Businesscom supports the scaling of IoT projects. Customers save up to 43% of operating costs for administration and support.
  • Analytics: This is where the magic happens. Algorithms created with the help of "machine learning" transform the flood of data into information. Deviations or correlations are identified and employees and managers gain deeper insights into the situation on site.
  • Application: Customized apps on tablets, smartphones and data glasses provide targeted visualization and intuitive interaction.
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