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MFD - Multifunctional Dispatcher

The versatile communication platform for mission-critical workflows.
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With MFD at your switching stations you relieve your employees and enable much more effective and faster communication through different priorities, targeted acceptance of calls, pre-recording of data and conferencing of calls via different communication technologies.

With MFD, the user can intuitively dispatch (accept, listen, connect, retrieve, conference and much more) any voice channels of different technologies - starting from OB33 up to GSM-R. A role management enables the clearly defined distribution of independent communication connections to the respective responsible workstation. In addition to voice channels, video, messaging and data point information can also be dispatched in the system.

The architecture of MFD is resilient by design.

Public and private railroad infrastructure companies
Energy supply company
Blue-light organizations such as rescue services, fire department, police
Industrial plant monitoring

Your added values

Employees:inside support
  • Intuitive support for your employees at the communication hotspots
Communication processes
  • Simplification of communication processes in your scheduling department
Dispatcher platform
  • Extremely flexible customizable dispatch platform for your important communication tasks
Communication Technologies
  • Connection of various communication technologies
  • Resilience by design, reliability in the critical infrastructure sector
  • Arbitrarily scalable and expandable
Johannes Eberharter

Project Management - Mission Critical Communication Systems

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