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Frequency measurement -Information security and data protection by design

K-Businesscom attaches great importance to ensuring the protection goals of confidentiality, availability and integrity - whether for information or personal data. KBC's underground high-security data center, the earthDATAsafe in Kapfenberg, enables us to guarantee maximum availability. ISO/IEC 27001 certification also demonstrates our commitment to information security.

Architectural Overview FQM:

A detailed overview of the technical and organizational measures we have taken is provided in our one-page declaration of commitment. In connection with frequency measurement (FQM), we would like to highlight the following measures, for example:

  • Privacy by Design
  • Role concept
  • Use of secure passwords
  • Multi-client capability
  • Log logs
  • No storage of video recordings
  • Data center in Austria owned by KBC

Our data protection program includes, among many other elements, that regarding Privacy by Design/Default. In connection with software/solution engineering, we implement the basic principles of data protection from the very beginning and individually tailored to the respective system and its purpose.

In concrete terms, this means that we keep the amount of data processed as low as possible, taking into account the purpose to be fulfilled, or process (and ultimately immediately anonymize) personal data at an aggregation level at which it fulfills its purpose in the case of solutions relevant to the subject matter.

  1. Cloud platform
    The FQM is an as-a-service solution for the customer:inside. The ISO27001 certified data center of K-Businesscom is the operating environment for the cloud platform.

    1.1 Service description
    The service comprises the provision of the clients required for FQM, for the:client:in or its:clients. The platform provides functions for the reception, processing of sensor data and the management of the associated assets (sensors, gateways or devices) or objects (floors, stores, rooms) and is configured accordingly for the respective requirements of the client during the initial project. KBC ensures the entire operation and secure processing of the delivered data.

  1. 2. FQM security architecture and data protection
    The sensors and advanced systems used do not collect or store any personal data. The sensors collect the required data based on privacy by design guidelines and ensure DSGVO-compliant provision. The users are specifically authorized with the integrated client/role management. They see the corresponding shops/floors/zones based on the respective authorizations. Thus, the FQM - meets the state of the art in terms of data security, DSGVO-compliant processing and privacy by design.

    2.1. Data protection
    K-Businesscom undertakes to comply with the provisions of Art. 28 DSGVO in the event that it acts as a processor. In this context, reference is made to the unilateral declaration of commitment available under "Privacy Policy - K-Businesscom".

    2.2 Unilateral declaration of commitment and technical-organizational measures
    Here you will find the unilateral declaration of commitment as well as the appendix regarding the technical-organizational measures.
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