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Customer Platform

The customer portal for your entire company

Customer-related processes are complicated and time-consuming - at least this is the experience of many industrial companies. From the moment a finished product leaves the production facility, customer support often falls away, is not very transparent or is unsatisfactory for both sides. If customers want information or services after the fact, they often have to sift through mail histories and check with several departments. There is no question of efficiency.

To structure customer processes better and make them more transparent, KBC offers a customer platform with a modular structure. The first step is usually an analysis of the current situation, which our experts use to determine the process and data situation. Based on this, they define a target picture together with the company and clarify how far the digitization of their products and/or services and especially the automation should go.

The possibilities of the KBC Customer Platform in detail:

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The central dashboard

... enables customers to keep an eye on the current status of products and services so that they can act quickly if necessary.

The spare parts catalog

... can alert customers in good time to the need to reorder spare parts - for example, on the basis of the recommended service life or by means of intelligent predictive maintenance. Spare parts can be ordered directly via the Customer Portal and delivery can be tracked.

The document management

... provides the customer with targeted instructions, descriptions, explanatory videos, etc. for the products and services he uses. This self-service learning can reduce training and customer service requests.

Advantages of the Customer Platform

Increased sales

by improving customer loyalty.

More efficient and satisfied employees

thanks to relief through automated processes in support.

Increased customer satisfaction

through faster company response times, simpler customer experience, and increased tangibility and accessibility.

Future competitive advantage

by forecasting customer behavior.

Less training effort

through easy handling of the tool.

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7 steps to your customer platform

Digital makersDigital makers

With KBC Customer Platform, we value individuality - but that doesn't mean we have to reinvent the wheel every time. To save you time and money, we use an established toolkit and solutions and the experience gained from a large number of past customer projects.
The result? A sensible overall solution. Starting with the conception, through the software development, to the successful rollout and ongoing further development. We do it digitally. In our 7-step process:

Non-binding initial consultation
Workshop with relevant stakeholders
Design phase and price indication
Implementation of Minimum Viable Product in sprints
Rollout and acceptance test
Ongoing operation / support
Continuous further development

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