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KBC Managed Services

With a managed service, K-Businesscom assumes responsibilityfor the operation ofone or more IT service areas tailored to the specific requirements of the customer. This can be a complete IT outsourcing or a single service such as managed firewall or managed data center. In addition to the technical tasks associated with a managed service, regular exchange with the customer at the operational, tactical and strategic level is an integralpart of providing managed services at the highest level.

Why KBC Managed Services?

Thelack ofskilledworkers, the focus on tasks that directly support the business instead of recurring routine tasks, and increasingly complex digitization mean that companies have little time and resources to effectively design their IT landscape.

Topics such as reliable networks, enhanced security, modern virtualization using container platforms, Microsoft 365 and many more are now more than ever the focus of digitalizationstrategies. This puts many companies under pressure, but they often do not have sufficient personnel to implement this strategy accordingly.

Companies that do not invest in their digitization in time run the risk of being left behind in the competition.

K-Businesscom supports companies in designing a digitization strategy and implementing it together. With the help of our managed services, you canfocus on the core tasks ofyour company. Your valuable IT staff can focus fully on innovation and development, while we run operations efficiently and powerfully.

Managed Services - Standard or Custom

// we transform for the better

Highly available, up-to-date IT with KBC Managed Services: Choose from areas such as Intelligent Network, IT Security, Datacenter & Cloud, Collaboration and Smart Workplace.

Managed Services Standard

Best practices supported by Cisco, VMware, Microsoft

This gives you the certainty that your IT is always highly available and up to date. Speed, availability and simplicity in handling are the focus here.

Selectively choose the service modules from the KBC Managed Service Catalog in the areas of Intelligent Network, IT Security, Datacenter & Cloud, Collaboration and Smart Workplace and focus on your core business.

Managed Services Custom

Optimize grown IT processes and infrastructures

With our Custom Managed Services, we develop customized solutions for you and take over the operation of your IT. Our experts will advise you in detail, highlighting not only the technical concept, but also issues relating to contracts, labor law, process organization and commercial aspects of IT outsourcing.


Outsourcing individual IT services or the entire IT operation is a challenging process for companies. The earlier clarity is achieved about the starting position and objectives, the more efficiently and profitably this process can be designed. For this reason, we use a standardized process for the preparation of concepts and offers, which guarantees you the greatest possible transparency and the necessary level of detail.

  • 1. Step - the initial interview

    Our experts take your requirements and plan the next steps together with you

  • 2. Step - the assessment

    In an assessment conducted by us, we jointly examine the current status of your IT. In addition to recording the components used and their versions, the update cycles, and the lifecycle status, we can thus create a picture of the overall state. We also examine the potential of your IT landscape. As a result, you receive a detailed result document with corresponding recommendations that serves as a benchmark and basis for further planning.

  • 3. Step - the concept creation

    With your support, we design an implementation concept that takes into account your requirements and the status of your IT. In addition to the IT technical topics, our concept also includes the service relevant topics around service governance, service processes and interfaces. Furthermore, we present the necessary steps from the status quo or current mode of operation (CMO) to the so-called target scenario or future mode of operation (FMO) within the framework of the service transition.

Standard Managed Services Portfolio

Intelligent Network

Intelligent networks enable fast and secure connection of sites and employees.

IT Security

Guarantee the highest security on all devices while offering a UX without limitations.

Data Center Infrastructure

Scalable, reliable and secure data centers create the basis for smooth IT operations.

Cloud & Datacenter Application

Connect disparate cloud solutions and on-premises data centers securely and efficiently.


Collaborate seamlessly and easily across locations or from the home office.

Smart Workplace

Smart workplaces of the future create a flexible framework for employees that fits the task at hand.

Case Study

Banner batteries

K-Businesscom is taking over all of Banner Batterien's IT services in Austria and worldwide as part of a comprehensive outsourcing arrangement.

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