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Cyber Security Report 2022.
We sharpen the focus on cyber security.

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The current Cyber Security Report gets to the heart of the issue of IT security with facts and figures and current case studies. Vulnerabilities, threat scenarios, attack methods, counter-strategies and security solutions - the K-Businesscom Cyber Security Report emphatically points out the increasing danger posed by cybercrime, but also presents the appropriate responses.

Attacks on the IT of companies, organizations and administrations are increasing rapidly. For many companies, this is a scenario that threatens their very existence. Not only traditional IT is the target of cybercrime, but increasingly the operating technologies and machines of the manufacturing industry are also being targeted - a key topic of our current report.

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Holistic IT security strategy

// we transform for the better

K-Businesscom knows the current hot topics in the field of IT security and meets them with advanced solutions:


Exposure of weaknesses and structural problems

  • Technical workshops and gap assessments provide overview
  • Audits for specific areas.
  • Hacker attack is simulated (Red Teaming)
  • KBC is a qualified inspection body (NISG*)
* NIS Audit* NIS Audit

Consulting, implementation and operation of enterprise security solutions

  • Cloud Security
  • Network Security
  • Content Security
  • APT Solutions
  • Application Security

Monitoring of the infrastructure and detection of attacks

  • Security Monitoring
  • Compromise Assessment
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Credential Monitoring

Fast support after cyber attacks

  • Analysis
  • Cleanup
  • Response

Learn more about the strategy and approach of the:

Cyber Defense Center (CDC)Cyber Defense Center (CDC)

Your added value

An overall strategy for the benefit of our customers - based on the four security segments Prevent, Protect, Detect and Respond. This covers every security-relevant aspect.

  • Joint development of a holistic security strategy
  • Holistic view of technology, processes and the human factor
  • Prioritization of measures based on business impact analysis
  • Independent consulting with a broad portfolio (McAfee, Microsoft, Cisco etc.)
  • KBC employees regularly win international security competitions
  • Experience with any type of attack
  • Threats are detected in real time and countered with the most efficient response
  • Your corporate security is continuously enhanced, reducing business risks
  • Corporate assets are protected
  • Ad-hoc support when needed from cyber defense experts
  • Routine handling of administrative and legal issues (compliance - DSGVO)

Offense & Defense
Purple Team.

Two powerful teams for strategically and operationally successful cyber security: the RED Team and the BLUE Team. Together, they pursue the PURPLE strategy with the goal of optimal cyber security for companies.

we transform for the better

Our cyber security offer for you

The best defense against cybercrime is a holistic security strategy.

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