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Inventory Engine

Help, my network is alive! But how? From now on everything in view with the new Inventory Engine from K-Businesscom.

As is well known, a lot happens in a network. Almost like a living organism, things are constantly changing, new things are added, devices become obsolete, systems and software versions have to be maintained, and so on. How can you keep track of everything on a daily basis? How can the installed base and the lifecycle be handled securely, automatically and efficiently? The optimal answer to these questions is the new Inventory Engine from K-Businesscom: Intelligence in miniature format with maximum impact and highest efficiency.

The Inventory Engine from KBC. A hardened Linux appliance and API proprietary development from the Intelligent Networks specialists at K-Businesscom.

The new KBC Inventory Engine is a mini discovery engine with maximum performance. A practical tool - in use on site in your company - for secure and sustainable asset and lifecycle management of your network. The KBC Inventory Engine is optimized for Cisco network landscapes (LAN, WAN, WLAN, DC).

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Advantages and benefits

// we transform for the better

By using the KBC Inventory Engine, the most important questions and problem areas around a network infrastructure can be answered:


What is actually "alive" and active on our network: routers, switches, access points, wireless controllers, etc.?

Lifecycle topic

Do we already have a lifecycle issue in our network? Are there already devices that are end-of-sale or end-of-support or are about to be?

Software versions

Which software versions and which licenses (subscriptions) are in use in our network?


What security vulnerabilities are we potentially affected by?


How reliable are the config backups of our systems?

The Dashboard - intuitive intelligence

The KBC Inventory Engine is designed for maximum user comfort as well as simple and fast operation. Users have an overview of all features and functionalities at all times and can intuitively control and implement all settings.

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we transform for the better

The facts speak for themselves:

A daily updated asset management (CMDB) of your entire network infrastructure...

...(products, serial numbers, software versions, licenses, etc.) with historical reconciliation.


...of all connected third-party systems that can be identified by means of neighbor protocols (CDP/LLDP) (IP Phones, Webex Boards, etc.).

KBC Inventory Engine web dashboard

You have full interactive access to your network's data and other reporting options via the KBC Inventory Engine web dashboard.

100% transparency

You manage the system settings independently and have complete control.

Made in Austria:

Programming and support in Austria

Clear focus...

...on asset, lifecylce and security management, no monitoring system.

Highest state-of-the-art security standards
Hardware design as high-quality miniindustrial server
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