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Healthcare solutions 

Clinical pathways, Internet of Things, IT infrastructures: Patients in hospitals and nursing homes receive better care thanks to digitalization. Administrative processes are optimized, doctors and nurses are networked, and digital tools enable more efficient diagnosis and therapy.

  • Humans are living longer and requiring care for longer.
  • Telemedicine is becoming practically a given.
  • Research and medicine are discovering new forms of collaboration.
  • There is a lack of specialized physicians and other specialists.
  • Medical technology and IT are growing increasingly intertwined.
  • Expectations are rising alongside pressure to reduce costs.
  • Healthcare and social institutions are increasingly networked.
  • Voice, data and video are integral components of documentation.
  • Data is becoming big data.

Smart hospital powered by K-Businesscom

Hospitals profit from an all-inclusive, worry-free package. Classic solutions such as VPN, firewall, IoT, server, storage and many more are enhanced with an industry-specific portfolio.

Join Max on his patient journey...

01 Illu Patient Journey-01That doesn’t feel right! Max urgently needs his knee examined.
02 Illu Patient Journey-01That does feel right: Max finds himself in a smart hospital, and the interactive registration terminal ushers him into the K-Businesscom patient journey!
03 Illu Patient Journey-01The assistant has an overview of all treatment rooms and waiting times on her screen.
04 Illu Patient Journey-01Digital forms allow Max to enter his data and digital signature.
05 Illu Patient Journey-01Bad news: Max’s knee doesn’t look good. Good news: Just a single click sends the findings and referral to the physiotherapist.
06 Illu Patient Journey-01Here Max learns the first exercises and the next steps.
07 Illu Patient Journey-01And thanks to telemedicine, the therapist can continue monitoring Max’s progress at home.
08 Illu Patient Journey-01The K-Businesscom patient journey led to a quick diagnosis and effective therapy – Max’s CT looks good.

Mobile care from K-Businesscom with the digital ward cart AMiS from Alphatron


The all-in-one solution enables the efficient measurement of vitals and ECG data, safe administration of medication and optimal documentation. The measured values are automatically saved to the patient file in the hospital information system (HIS) and shown on the AMiS screen.

  • Nurse identification

    The nurse is identified after log-in with an employee badge.

  • myHeight

    AMiSconnect myHeight adjusts AMiS automatically to the correct ergonomic working height.

  • Patient identification

    The nurse identifies the patient and the EPR system automatically opens the correct patient file.

  • ViTALS

    AMiSconnect ViTALS automatically stores the vital observations in the correct patient file.

  • MedSafe

    AMiSconnect MedSafe opens the patient-specific medication bin directly from the EPR system.

Digital forms


The digitalization of medical data directly at the point of use ensures greater efficiency, safety and transparency. The employees’ workload is reduced, giving them more time for their core duties. In other words, they are freed up to care for patients more intensively. Digital forms are used in hospitals for medical care and nursing. They also allow the digital entry of biometric signatures on a tablet by hand. By the way: The recorded biometric data is encrypted and legally valid.


  • Lower process costs
  • Mobile-friendly and cross-platform
  • Flexible functionality
  • User-oriented cost structure

Use cases

  • Support for intake processes, documentation, patient education, consent...
  • Exchanging of data, signatures, annotated images with hospital information systems, laboratories, ...
  • Exchanging of data for system checklists in the area of building services and operations ...

“No one wants to be a patient. But if it’s unavoidable, the treatment and therapy should be as fast and uncomplicated as possible. In the K-Businesscom patient journey, we rely on the newest technologies and years of industry expertise.”

DI  Michael Baumgartner, Business Consultant Health & SocialCare 

K-Businesscom healthcare solutions


Solutions that simplify daily work in the healthcare industry:

  • System-spanning optimization of structures and processes
  • Sustainable lowering of costs
  • Efficient utilization of resources to the fullest possible extent
  • Improved transparency of user know-how and current medical knowledge, the individual medical history of the patient, and the past and future treatment process
  • Improved competence and capabilities
  • Thorough integration of second and third opinions
  • Avoidance of unnecessary services
  • Education and training anytime and anywhere
  • Telemedicine solutions  

    Doctor-to-doctor, doctor-to-patient, routine treatment, real-time: K-Businesscom offers the optimal solution for all needs in telemedicine. For example, remote outpatient services: virtual treatment rooms with high-end video and audio quality. The doctor and patient are connected together directly; data from the imaging systems is integrated in real-time.

  • Platform for long-term care via telemedicine  

    Digital care with audio and video in the familiar home environment, family counseling, psychological counseling, support in managing day-to-day tasks: telecare improves the quality of life of chronically ill patients.

  • Content analytics  

    Big data in healthcare: Content analytics solutions from K-Businesscom assist doctors in diagnosis and therapy – with rules-based artificial intelligence and enterprise search functions for computer-aided information access designed with concrete scenarios in mind. This includes interactive data analyses and statistical analyses: How do which medications work in which patient groups? Which combination of medications is especially efficient?

Collaborations and offerings:

A successful operation: Success stories in healthcare

Molecular diagnostics? Targeted therapies? Gene sequence analyses? Complex challenges and exciting future projects for CB Med Biomarker Research, the competence center for systematic biomarker research of the Medical University of Graz – and K-Businesscom is making its contribution. As a leading digitalization partner for big data and data security made and hosted in Austria.

Read the stories and see for yourself: Learn how smart health solutions from K-Businesscom simplify daily work at Landesklinikum Krems, Gebro, the Red Cross and Hilfswerk in Lower Austria.

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