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Security Night 2022

20. Oct 2022 16:00 - 22:00

Wednesday, 21:17: Serious incident at OPFA-Chemie - fuel prices skyrocket
It happened late in the evening: An accident involving highly toxic substances occurred at the OPFA chemical plants refineries. The release of chemicals contaminated the plant premises and the surrounding area. NBC defense troops are already on site to prevent further spread of the chemicals. Production has been temporarily halted. Experts assume that there will be problems with fuel supplies as a result of the production stoppage. The market promptly reacted with significant price increases. The ongoing investigations point to manipulation of the OPFA monitoring systems. Suspicions are pointing in the direction of attacks on IT infrastructures responsible for the security of production facilities. The question now is whether and how this accident could have been prevented. We report further.

The security team at K-Businesscom knows that this fictitious case can also take place in reality at any time and that companies are confronted with cyber attacks on a daily basis, sometimes with massive financial consequences. In this case, our experts and those of our partners have picked up the trail. Analyze what happened and show which innovative security measures can help against such incidents and prevent them for the future.

More information is sure to be available at the K-Businesscom Security Night:
October 20, 2022 from 4 p.m. in the new club under the Ringstrasse.
HEIDI - The Chalet on the Ring in Vienna
Opera Ring 11
1010 Vienna

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Our partners in crime.

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