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Software Development

Developed, finished, app!

App development made easy! K-Businesscom works with you to develop individual and future-proof software solutions with lasting value.

An app that indicates available workstations in an open office. An application that allows you to conveniently control the heating from your sofa. Or a system that enables transparent monitoring of logistics processes. These are not dreams of the future, they are fully realized software developed by K-Businesscom.

Software development is a central aspect of digitalization. The focus is on digitalization of processes, machines and entire workflows. The interface between humans and machines plays a key role in many different scenarios. For example, employees engaged in service processes are supported by apps that help them complete their tasks more quickly and in a more standardized way.

The software development process must account for a variety of different requirements:

  • Business requirements arise from the business activities of the company and are influenced by market requirements.
  • User requirements are based on the individual user groups who participate in the business processes.
  • Functional requirements establish which functions the software must implement in order to live up to the user requirements.
  • Project requirements define the necessary resources for successful software development. For instance, these include necessary hardware components or licenses as well as the capabilities of the employees participating in the project.

End-to-end – even in software development


Custom development of business-critical software and mobile applications is part of the end-to-end digitalization strategy of K-Businesscom. The possibilities include:

  • Sensor solutions
  • Embedded systems and gateways
  • Solutions in the areas of connectivity, artificial intelligence and analytics
  • Platforms and applications

All software development projects are managed according to the individual requirements of our customers within the specific application contexts. Modern and forward-looking architecture principles are employed in agile software development. These include: IoT platforms, DevOps, microservices and the cloud. The collaboration between you and our specialists spans the entire journey from consulting to finished solution.

No limits: K-Businesscom develops software solutions for all industries – from production and logistics applications to solutions for companies making extensive use of IoT devices.

K-Businesscom offers complete service that perfectly coordinates all the necessary aspects – consulting, software, technology and operations.

On the “fast track” to the cloud!

Leading technologies put you and your digital transformation ahead of the game. We develop desktop applications and mobile apps for all major platforms: This includes our own platforms and those of international providers, such as Microsoft (Azure and SharePoint), SAP and Oracle as well as open source platforms.

No matter the size of your company or corporation, a rapid move to the cloud is indispensable with today’s rapidly evolving market and customer requirements. But how do you ensure a successful transition to the cloud? We build upon our existing software solutions and support your IT department and developers in taking the next steps. Together, we will chart a course to take your on-premises deployments into the cloud.


Technical cloud consulting and software development

The perfect pair to give you a digital advantage. Everything from development to implementation to operation is handled by K-Businesscom, including integration and security.  Jointly managed projects foster close partnerships and stable customer relationships. 

  • Minimize IT infrastructure costs
  • Reduce setup and ongoing costs
  • “Speed of innovation”
  • Increase the availability and security of the services
  • Fast iterations with managed PaaS components
  • Basis for agile software development and a DevOps mindset
  • Automation of infrastructure
  • New pricing models with pay-per-use

“Our end-to-end development of custom-tailored software translates a broad market perspective into practical solutions based on our experience in a wide range of industries. We treat all our customers as equal partners, and thanks to our broad partner network, we are not bound to any specific provider, allowing us to offer independent advice.”

Rainer Jahoda, Head of Digital Solutions & Software Development   

Software development models

Individual requirements call for appropriate development models. We offer a number of models for developing your application according to the complexity, number of users, business relevance and project scope: 


The system is used only internally within the company. Downtime has no direct impact on the customer business. Basic models are suited to a single domain or technology. No more than one or two developers are required.


Compared with the Basic model, the number of system-specific users is significantly higher in this case. Downtime has a direct impact on the customer business. Due to the greater complexity of the task, K-Businesscom assembles a diverse developer team.


Enterprise models are developed for applications that also involve people outside of the company. In this case, business processes are more susceptible to risk and many different technologies interact. The software development is handled by multiple dedicated developer teams at K-Businesscom as well as other partners.

UserLimited number of internal usersLarge number of internal usersEnd customers (customers of the customer)
Business relevanceDowntime has no impact on the customer business.Downtime has an impact on the customer business.Downtime puts the customer business at risk.
Technical complexityThe specification encompasses a single technical area or a specific technology.The specification encompasses multiple technologies within a single technical area.The specification encompasses technical areas that extend beyond the company.
Project scopeThe project is implemented by one or two developers.A full development team handles the project.A development team plus other partners are involved in the software project.

Highly skilled teams for optimal results

The recipe for success: Consolidated expertise and innovative processes that have proven themselves in many successful projects:

  • Workshops – strategy – analysis
  • Wireframing – process design – requirements – UX design
  • Sprints – backend – frontend – QA rollout
  • Hosting – further development – support

Successful software development projects

K-Businesscom develops software solutions with lasting value. Customers receive custom-tailored support solutions that are both effective and future-proof.

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