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Smart Cloud transformation

Master the cloud transformation journey and reap the benefits of cloud services with K-Businesscom.

The term cloud services sometimes still raises a lot of questions. Numerous advantages of flexible cloud solutions seem to be offset by major challenges in terms of data protection and migration. However, with K-Businesscom as your reliable partner, nothing stands in the way of a successful transition to the cloud. Thanks to many years of experience, the specialists at K-Businesscom know which solutions are best suited under any given circumstances, and they support companies throughout the entire cloud transformation journey.

Advantages of cloud solutions

  • Services in connection with the cloud are dynamic, scalable and can be adapted to the requirements of their users.
  • Services within the cloud can be used flexibly. Relevant aspects concerning security, utilization, know-how and technology are handled by the provider.
  • The administrative effort is low. Upgrades are performed by the cloud operator, and new users have access to all desired resources within a few minutes.
  • The costs are based on actual demand. Fixed costs for investments in IT infrastructure give way to the variable usage costs of the cloud.
  • Endless flexibility: From the office or on a train, early in the morning or late at night – independent access options favor worldwide collaboration of teams from an infinite number of locations.
  • The service providers ensure maximum data security via professionally protected data centers.
  • The availability and maintenance of all services are the responsibility of the provider who takes care of them around the clock. New components or functionalities are available immediately.
  • New services are managed on a cloud basis. This means that the entire workforce is always working with the latest applications.

But why is cloud transformation so important? The obvious answer: Cloud solutions free up time and financial resources for companies through standardized, updated and consolidated IT. These resources can then be invested in developing and launching new products and services. 

"We are the active consultant and the leading implementation partner in Austria for the cloud transformation journey of our customers."

Christian Tauber, Cloud Strategy & Transformation at K-Businesscom

Your ideal migration partner

Once a decision in favor of the cloud has been made, important questions must be addressed, as they might influence the migration process:

  • What type of cloud is best suited under the given circumstances?
  • Which infrastructures, applications, systems and services belong in the cloud?
  • And what happens to services that are not suitable for the cloud?

Questions that make a cloud migration a seemingly arduous undertaking. But don't worry: K-Businesscom is Austria's leading system integrator and outsourcing service provider. This makes us a perfect partner when it comes to mastering the cloud transformation journey.

K-Businesscom's cloud services focus on efficiency, profitability and long-term advantages. Companies benefit from flexibility and scalability, and the process dynamically makes way for new future-proof business opportunities with a high return on investment. We also develop the overall strategies for an optimal migration and operation of cloud services within the company together with our customers.


Cloud migration strategy

To ensure that the cloud transformation journey is a secure and risk-free process, K-Businesscom focuses on a sound and well-developed cloud migration strategy. As part of the cloud transformation consulting process, we flesh out a customized plan of action in close collaboration with our customers, which we then gradually implement together. The "6 Rs" of cloud migration from R for Rewrite and Relocate to R for Replace constitute the individual building blocks. Together, they form a larger whole – the roadmap for cloud migration.

R Cloud Transformation b

Possibilities: Public? Private? Hybrid? Multi? Distributed?

The cloud has many facets, and there are numerous ways to use cloud services while taking into account specific requirements: from a private cloud to a distributed cloud – and anything "in between", so to speak. In case certain services are not suitable for the cloud, they remain on premise.

In the context of the "Internet of Things", a distributed cloud solution is perhaps recommended. Just think of the smart factory or the smart hospital. Productive and high-performance networks for smart applications used on mobile or other devices are created in the cloud via so-called "on the edge nodes".

Challenges in the course of cloud transformation

Just as dark clouds can cover the sun on an otherwise beautiful day, problems can also arise in the course of cloud migration. The challenges can be of technical, economic or legal nature. To ensure that the sky remains cloud-free, it is necessary to clarify in advance whether company data may be flexibly hosted in certain countries or not. Other important aspects are regulations regarding backups and data security.

K-Businesscom not only offers secure data centers but also supports companies in developing a thought-out cloud strategy. Together, we define which applications will be moved to the cloud and how, and which will remain on premise.

To this end, different cloud approaches are included just as the transformation of applications or the introduction of entirely new digital services.

Cloud solutions in proven K-Businesscom quality

Extensive experience as a system integrator and outsourcing service provider, as well as a global network of renowned technology partners and hyperscalers: All this makes K-Businesscom a leading expert in cloud migration. Cloud solutions developed by K-Businesscom are certified, made and hosted in Austria. When it comes to migration to the cloud, K-Businesscom acts as a consultant, relocation assistant and end-to-end solution provider throughout the entire cloud transformation journey.

Our focus is always on the needs and requirements of our customers!

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