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K-Businesscom – Implementing artificial intelligence

Innovative, fast, and customized: K-Businesscom helps companies successfully implement specific AI projects.

What happens when artificial intelligence and the intelligence of the experts at K-Businesscom meet? That's right: Efficient solutions are created that make our customers' daily work easier. The company has many years of experience in developing AI applications for a variety of industries. In addition, we specialize in the handling of diverse data.

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Key fields of application of AI

Time is an important resource regardless of the industry. Potential savings in terms of time give companies competitive advantages or even save lives. Our artificial intelligence solutions help you in different areas. K-Businesscom focuses on three central areas in the field of artificial intelligence:

  • Healthcare
  • Customer care
  • production
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"The transparency of the results is our top priority! We want everyone involved to understand the project in order to be able to work on it sustainably. We therefore primarily work with open source tools. Use the programming languages R and Python. And our experts use them in addition to ready-made, freely available frameworks, packages and libraries also on the company's own framework "Mello". "

Sinan Tankaz, Head of Artifical Intelligence at K-Businesscom 

Healthcare: more time for patients

In the healthcare sector, artificial intelligence provides support in the form of an assistance system. In the process, connections are made between medical data, information from patient conversations, and findings that humans would naturally be slower to recognize or would not recognize at all. As a result of these connections, new correlations become apparent to doctors and, based on them, diagnoses can be made. Among other things, the latter helps to drive medical research.

In the long term, intelligent assistance systems will independently make suggestions for diagnoses and treatments and make the daily lives of doctors easier. The time gained from this can be used to optimize individual patient care.

Real-life example

Dr. Julia Baumgartner is a physician at a Salzburg hospital. Every day, she collects information about her patients during consultations, examinations or from medical records. Thanks to the use of intelligent assistance systems, she finally has more time to devote to doctor-patient interactions.

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Customer support: improved quality of service

Excellent customer support is an important factor for a high level of customer satisfaction. Daily work in call centers is usually hectic, and recording customer problems and solving them efficiently is incredibly time-intense. Information from a call here, e-mails and contracts there: The data is usually scattered across several departments.

The omnichannel customer interaction solution by K-Businesscom gives employees more time to solve problems. Phone calls are taken care of by voicebots, and online inquiries are handled by chatbots. At the same time, the situation is assessed and analyzed and the software starts suggesting solutions.

This frees up time for employees to focus on the essentials and allows them to provide the support their customers need and expect. 

Real-life example

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Daniela Ebner, an employee at a call center in Vienna, has already experienced the benefits of the omnichannel customer interaction solution. By using chatbots and voicebots, she can devote her full attention to providing optimum customer support.

Manufacturing: automated processes

In the field of industrial manufacturing, artificial intelligence solutions are used to monitor end-to-end production processes. Irregularities are detected much faster, and a visual inspection of all produced items replaces random quality checks. If there is potential for optimizing individual processes, this is identified much more quickly, and optimizations can be implemented immediately. Operational planning of machines is also largely automated.

Real-life example

Fritz Langer also enjoys K-Businesscom's AI solutions. He can perform his role as plant manager at a steel company near Linz in a much more relaxed manner thanks to the implementation of innovative K-Businesscom solutions.


Successfully tackling AI projects

The initial meeting between a customer and K-Businesscom is the starting point for every successful AI project. Individually designed models are developed and implemented by following the steps listed below. After the analysis phase and prototyping, nothing stands in the way of a successful implementation.

1. Analytics Discovery Workshop
2. Proof-of-Concept-Phase

3. Operationalization 
4. continuous improvement

Always flexible: When it comes to AI projects, progress is often not completely linear and predictable. Individual variables and subgoals can change during the course of the project. K-Businesscom reacts quickly and flexibly to changing circumstances. The ability to respond immediately ultimately leads to a satisfactory solution.

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A look into the future

In the future, companies will have to treat AI in a more serious, concentrated and focused way than ever before. It is not only necessary to clarify how new AI technologies can be used, but also which technologies can solve which specific problems. In the course of this, AI technologies will be compared and aligned with the corresponding use cases. Explainable AI and AI engineering are used as support.

With the help of explainable AI, technologies and the outcomes of their use are made comprehensible for all participants. The comprehensive presentation of corresponding algorithms and software solutions ensures that the technologies can be used sustainably.

Formulating an AI engineering strategy improves the performance, scalability, interpretability and reliability of AI models. If these aspects are not taken into account, the model is doomed to fail even before it is used in practice. However, if the necessary attention is paid to scalability already during prototyping, robust, reliable and, above all, comprehensible models are created. 

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