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Vorarlberger Energy Networks GmbH

Comprehensive smart meter solution including supply, implementation and maintenance of in-house developed smart energy management.
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Who is
Vorarlberger Energienetze GmbH?

Vorarlberg's electricity grid is one of the most reliable in all of Europe. Vorarlberger Energienetze GmbH (vorarlberg netz for short) is a subsidiary of illwerke vkw AG and is responsible for operating the electricity and natural gas grids. Vorarlberg netz is an efficient distribution network operator and offers its customers high supply reliability and excellent service quality.

Business Challenge

vorarlberg netz is focusing on the further digitization of its products and services. This includes a focus on smart meter solutions, which are gradually replacing the previous electricity meters. Over the next few years, nearly 200,000 devices will be replaced throughout Vorarlberg. The legal basis is the framework conditions for supporting a smart meter system in Austria, defined by the representative of the interests of the domestic energy industry, "Oesterreichs Energie". The focus here is primarily on system and data security.


  • Meter Data Management System (SEM.MDM)
  • Head-End System (SEM.HES) for DLMS meters
  • Key Management Systems (SEM.KMS), based on DLMS Security Suite 1 with end-to-end encryption via hardware security module and certificate-based authentication via PKI
  • The solution fulfills the use cases required by "Oesterreichs Energie"
  • Guaranteed data security at the currently highest possible level
  • Support for the integration of decentralized generation plants
  • Reliability and fail-safe operation including outage management
  • Increased efficiency in grid operation, especially in time-consuming operations such as meter reading and billing
  • Improvements in network monitoring and control
  • One contact partner with industry experience
  • Overall responsibility in one hand

K-Businesscom convinced us the most in the tender. Above all, the many years of experience in the industry was an important decision criterion. The cooperation with the K-Businesscom experts on site was very good, everything was team- and solution-oriented. K-Businesscom put all its energy into the project and fully met our expectations.

DI Gerald Lumpp

Project Manager Smart Meter Vorarlberger Energienetze GmbH

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