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Plasser & Theurer

Consulting for new digital customer services in the areas of Machine, Fleet and Infrastructure.
Who is
Plasser & Theurer?

Plasser & Theurer has been the global technology leader in track construction machinery for many decades. The company offers an innovative, environmentally friendly, investment-safe portfolio of machinery and technology for railroad infrastructures covering all aspects of track construction, mobile rail processing and material logistics. A worldwide service network ensures optimum support for Plasser & Theurer customers.

Business Challenge

Plasser & Theurer has set itself the goal of bringing business areas together even more and establishing a common, first-class global customer service standard based on new digital tools. Focus: Improvement of the worldwide spare parts service and the hitherto missing direct digital customer interaction. Special challenge: The integration of the many different Plasser & Theurer departments in a unifying project goal and the creation of a common project strategy.

  • Digital Consulting
  • Workshop Series "Customer Service Excellence
  • Management Review
  • Concrete use cases prioritized in terms of time and economy
  • Digital roadmap
  • Technical architecture and mock-ups of future applications
  • K-Businesscom experts involved: Business Consulting, Software Architecture, UX Design, Solution Development and Manufacturing
  • Project lead time: 2.5 months
  • Holistic approach: mapping of market requirements, business requirements and technologies
  • Involvement of different departments
  • Concrete use cases: prioritized in terms of time and economy
  • Rapid availability
  • Compliance with deadlines

Austrian family business meets Austrian family business! We are very satisfied with what K-Businesscom presented to us. We particularly liked the fact that K-Businesscom brought all parties to the table. The moderation and the structured approach, the creative methods, for example pre-planned press releases, were very helpful to break through internal barriers and to get to the core of the matter. This is how we get the future on track together.

Alexander Lehner

Global Customer Services at Plasser & Theurer

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