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FQM - Frequency Measurement as a Service for measuring visitor frequencies with DSGVO-compliant data collection.
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Who is the

The Universalmuseum Joanneum is Austria's oldest and second largest museum. It sees itself as a universal panorama for science, art and culture. The Joanneum includes the Folklore Museum in Graz, the Eggenberg Palace Lapidarium, the Flavia Solva Roman Museum, the Herberstein Animal World and other exciting worlds of experience and knowledge. The Joanneum's facilities are used extensively for scientific purposes and are visited by many thousands of guests every year.

Business Challenge

The task: Analyzing visitor flows, recording and evaluating data. Specific challenge: The solution had to be flexible enough - while complying with DSVGO throughout - to allow any relocations to be managed without great effort.


FQM - Frequency Measurement as a Service from K-Businesscom provides all necessary functionalities and features for the collection and analysis of visitor flow data - exclusively for authorized users. Individual, intuitive dashboards can be set up in K-Businesscom's own cloud platform and the data can be exported via CSV and processed "live". FQM - Frequency Measurement as a Service not only meets all DSVGO requirements. As a smart solution, FQM can be installed at a new location in just a few steps and put back into operation without any complications.

  • Planning
  • Initial installation
  • Commissioning
  • Ongoing operation of the solution
  • FQM - Frequency Measurement as a Service
  • 1 account, various users with login authorization
  • 3-D sensors in the entrance area
  • Connection with LAN and POE
  • Data transfer to the KBC-IoT-Cloud
  • Processing at the FQM dashboard
  • Data processing via CSV download
  • One-stop solution from a reliable, long-standing partner
  • Local presence of KBC technicians
  • DSVGO compliance
  • Investment and future-proof solution
Future outlook
  • Expansion for further museum locations
  • Analysis of the geographic regions of people traveling by car in the context of events

We are very satisfied with K-Businesscom's solution and are now looking into expanding the system. On the one hand, we have in mind the expansion for further museum locations, on the other hand, we want to use this system for the analysis of the geographical regions of the people arriving by car, with data protection-compliant license plate recognition at the parking lots within the scope of our events.

Bernd Dörling

IT Manager and Data Protection Officer, Universalmuseum Joanneum

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