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A custom-developed and implemented Fledge software solution for automated reading and processing of machine data provides EVVA with an overview of its production.
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Who is

founded in Vienna in 1919, EVVA is now one of the leading developers and manufacturers of mechanical and electronic access systems. At the company headquarters in Vienna, research, development, production and export are carried out all over the world. With countless patents and a sustainable corporate strategy, EVVA is moving into the future.

Business Challenge

EVVA's CNC machine park is very heterogeneous. In the future, it should be possible to retrieve, aggregate and forward machine data consistently.


The starting point was a comprehensive proof-of-concept around the open source software Fledge. Data is collected, aggregated and forwarded via the FogLAMP Manage software, supported by an event engine. Via an Influx database (Microsoft Azure Cloud), the data is visualized, among other things. Fields of application: as an edge multiprotocol gateway in a PLC, in a Raspberry PI, as a data aggregator on an on-premise server, as well as an edge multiprotocol gateway and process control on a computer at a production line.

  • Proof of Concept Edge2Cloud
  • Installation and configuration of Fledge software
  • Connection of Fledge to the machine park
  • Implementation of a heat map for the location-accurate recording of wear data of the CNC machines
  • Presentation of FogLAMP Manage and Senseforce as future tools in the course of the further digitization process
  • Senseforce demo client
  • Documentation, final report
  • Fledge Software
  • Microsoft Azure
  • FOGLamp Manage
  • Senseforce
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Optimal basis for further digitization steps

The proof of concept was crucial for us. The building blocks proposed by K-Businesscom for this purpose were an optimal fit for our digitization strategy. Everything was thought out and done by K-Businesscom end-to-end, and we learned a lot for our company in this whole process. It's great when two partners come together strategically and technologically like this.

Dr. Florian Pauker

Project Manager Operations for Digitalization at EVVA

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