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12. March 2021

Hubert Groß, UNI/FH Internship Program

"Digitization in industry - a chance to explore new career paths!" My name is Hubert Groß, I am 36 years old and I am studying High Tech Manufacturing at the FH Campus Wien as a second degree. My …

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12. March 2021

Alexander Brocanelli, UNI/FH Internship Program

"Leaving the lecture hall to find out what tools the "best in class" in technology are using" Making coffee? As a native Italian, this would be one of my strengths, but had nothing to do with my tasks during the internship for university students at K-Businesscom. My mentor and my colleagues from the Solution Development & Consulting department were interested in my expertise, independence and motivation. From day one, I was given the opportunity to design my tasks independently and actively participate in the department's projects. I was immediately welcomed and appreciated as a colleague in the team. The coffee remained the job of the coffee machine. Participate in digitization of companies. Already during my engineering studies and thanks to my previous experiences, I dealt with topics of digitization and decided to continue my education in the direction of electronics and computer science. The internship offered the perfect insight into the world of innovation in the industry. My expectations were exceeded: Things went much further at K-Businesscom. I was able to fully develop my passion for technologies: Data structures, artificial intelligence, transmission protocols, microcontrollers, electronics, sensor technology. I was able to learn a lot in the process. In six months, I was able to help manage several projects. I had the opportunity to put the knowledge I had acquired in my studies into practice: for example, in the production of 3D models or the optimization of industrial processes. Even more interesting was the immersion in other areas of expertise, such as planning a cloud infrastructure, selecting electronic components or writing firmware for K-Businesscom products. I found the continuous coordination with my mentor Mathias, who always made sure that I could pursue my professional interests, to be very important. Not only technology Very valuable for us engineers are communication skills, which you can hardly acquire in your studies. My "Solution Development & Consulting" department has as its core the development of innovative solutions. But to do this successfully, you have to correctly interpret the requirements and expectations of customers and colleagues, and then properly communicate the added value of these innovations. With the support of my experienced mentor, I was able to successfully improve my ability to share findings and research and create effective presentations of solutions. The most valuable "skills" of a business consultant. I found really interesting the good insight I got into the dynamics of a consulting company. Leap into the outside world The experience at K-Businesscom provided me with valuable insights that are not possible in college alone. I got a good impression of what the structures in large companies look like and what these companies really need. This information is the cornerstone for achieving my professional ambitions: I have been given the tools to better assess and adapt my future career path so that I can realize my goals faster and more successfully!

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2. March 2021

Tim Gutmannsthal, UNI/FH Internship Program

"The team was a feel-good factor!" Hello, my name is Tim Gutmannsthal and I am currently studying industrial engineering mechanical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. I am also currently doing the supplementary study Innovation and Entrepreneurship. As my first university intern at K-Businesscom, I gained extremely valuable insights and work experience during my six months. From the beginning, I was seen as a full team member and was always allowed to contribute my own ideas. Even before I started my internship, I had an inkling that something exciting was in store for me. Even large international companies have to constantly reposition and develop themselves. I was able to contribute to the development of a rapidly growing department and lay a good foundation for the years to come. In the course of this, I was entrusted with a wide variety of tasks and also had the opportunity to work on various projects across departments. In doing so, I was able to support well-known industrial companies with strategic topics in customer projects as well as gain many insights into internal digitization projects. It was also extremely exciting to see how a large international group works and sets itself up internally to be perfectly prepared for the future. The team was definitely a very big feel-good factor for my internship. All my colleagues were always helpful and made it very easy for me to get started. Also, my knowledge was always challenged and valued. I was able to use my professional experience and university knowledge. Therefore, I left with the knowledge that I had left my fingerprint at K-Businesscom and that I had added value to the company. I will definitely miss my time at K-Businesscom and my team, but I will also take a lot with me for my future life. Of course, I can't say what the future will bring, but I can well imagine that my professional path will cross with K-Businesscom again. I can only recommend a university internship. You will definitely learn something new and have the opportunity to apply your knowledge in practice!

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23. June 2020

Project manager as a career path

Georg Weickel, Head of Project Management, K-Businesscom AG As an HTL graduate, it was important to me to be able to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice. From commissioning technician at home and abroad via pre-sales activities, my path led me to project management, the management of which was finally entrusted to me.

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9. June 2020

Network Security is just what I need!

Anna Habenegg Security System Engineer, K-Businesscom AG After graduating from the HTL Electronics - Computer Engineering, it was clear to me that Network Security was exactly what I was looking for. Every day there are new exciting challenges and you always learn something new. Thanks to my previous knowledge from the HTL, it was easy for me to quickly find my way around. But it also means staying on the ball and that's why I use every opportunity to take many certifications such as CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional), ...

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2. June 2020

As a team we master every challenge!

Michael Bauer Head of Project Support, K-Businesscom AG My practical training in the HTL with numerous projects helped me to start my professional life. There is a great working atmosphere in the team and I am happy to work in such a dynamic environment.

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10. March 2020

JumpIN program- the best way to get to know an IT company well!

Daniel Lieb Jumper, K-Businesscom AG, Graz 2020 As a K-Businesscom Jumper, you get to know the numerous facets of an IT company, which I can only recommend to every young professional. In my first station, I learned to work with future-oriented technologies such as AI, cloud services and process automation tools. I see the great advantage of this position as being that you learn to look at these technologies from other angles - for example, from a management or sales perspective.

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19. February 2020

Great future prospects for young professionals!

Matteo Strohmeier Jumper, K-Businesscom AG, Graz 2020 As a career starter, it was important for me to be able to start at a company that could offer me a future. When I came across K-Businesscom's HTL graduate career program "JumpIN", I was immediately convinced. The JumpIN program offers me the opportunity to develop freely within K-Businesscom. By going through different departments, I can get to know the whole company right from the start, establish personal contact with the different teams in the company and learn any working methods that are used throughout the company.

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15. January 2020

First aid course for apprentices

In the regular two-day first aid courses, our apprentices are trained by doctors and emergency paramedics in the various methods of first aid. Especially for the technical apprentices who work in the workshops, accident prevention must not be missing here. An important part of these two days is also dealing with life-saving immediate measures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation or the correct use of the defibrillator. Furthermore, the correct treatment of minor wounds such as minor burns and major injuries such as broken bones are demonstrated in practical exercises and then practiced by the trainees themselves. Thanks to the professional supervision of the experts, our apprentices learn how to react quickly and, above all, correctly in an emergency. This is not only important for working in the apprentice workshops, but of course also useful in their free time! In addition, the course can, of course, be credited toward a possible upcoming driver's license.

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30. December 2019

Do you speak English?

As an internationally oriented group, K-Businesscom also attaches great importance to the language skills of its young colleagues when it comes to apprentice training. English, in particular, is an important part of the apprentices' further training that goes beyond apprenticeship training. In written and oral placement tests, the apprentices are divided into perfectly matched groups before the course - matched to their language level and apprenticeship occupation, so that they can learn the subject matter in the best possible way. In small groups, colleagues learn to speak fluently about the company and its products and to describe work processes and departments. Whether in the office or in the technical area - vocabulary and expressiveness are strengthened, colleagues learn to express themselves confidently and also to understand somewhat more complex conversation content. Argentina, Poland, Sweden - telephone conversations in English with customers and colleagues are no longer witchcraft after this intensive course! An e-mail to a colleague in New Zealand - no problem!

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