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Benefits Austria

The way we work

Our 7 Cs form the basis for our cooperation. Both internally and with customers, partners and other stakeholders.


means to pursue goals together and achieve results in close collaboration, as well as to support each other in reaching common targets. Let's work cooperatively!


means to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others and entertaining ourselves and others. Let's think creative!


means to stand up for what someone believes in and thereby facing difficulties, dangers and risks without fear. Let's show courage!


is established by exchanging ideas or information through appropriate media and by enabling individuals or groups to seek information, to give information or to express emotions. Let's communicate ideas and emotions!


means primarily a promise to do something and expresses also dedication to a long-term course of action, engagement or involvement. Let's commit ourselves!


is the expression of the urge to learn and acquire facts and knowledge. It widens the mind to different opinions, lifestyles and topics. Let's stay curious!


for marking one's engagement or team achievements at an important event or occasion. Taking time for enjoyable, social activities and ceremonies of respect, festivity or cheer. Let's celebrate our success!

Flexible working hours

We respond to the individual needs of our employees through flexible working time models, flexitime without core hours and the possibility of home office.

Smartphone & Company Laptop

Our employees are equipped with a new smartphone and laptop for when they are on the road or in the home office.

Training and further education offer

Through the comprehensive K-Businesscom University offering, we provide many webinars, e-learnings, trainings, workshops, meetings and conferences for personal and professional development.

Career path

We are also happy to promote different career paths (management and expert careers). After consultation, we develop personal career paths together with HR, the supervisor and a buddy.

Window day regulation & Christmas vacation

On window days and during the turn of the year, the employee is off work with continued payment of earnings - for normal working hours. Depending on the type of employment, vacation/time off must be consumed.

Company doctors

The health of our employees is very important to us. That is why we offer regular preventive medical checkups, vaccination campaigns, programs for balanced living, etc.

Accessibility of the sites

Our locations are easily accessible by public transport. However, discounted parking spaces are also available for car drivers.

Employee benefits

Daily meal allowance or value vouchers and a wide range of great conditions for various services and products from our partner companies are available.

Family business

As a 3rd generation family business, our corporate culture is characterized by respect, appreciation, equal opportunities and transparency.


As an employer, we value the diversity of our employees in every respect.

Family Time

We support the compatibility of family & career, promote parental leave, paternity leave and facilitate the re-entry after the "break".

Festivals/ Events

We are happy to celebrate parties with our employees. In summer, at Christmas and, of course, on anniversaries.
Note: Due to the Corona pandemic, large-scale celebrations are currently only possible to a limited extent.

Get on board, please: Start your working life at K-Businesscom

Already during onboarding, new colleagues receive general information about K-Businesscom. At the beginning of each month, the HR department gives a presentation to welcome all new employees.

In addition, there is also the regular onboarding event "K-Businesscom Connected". Here you can learn about training and development opportunities, get an overview of the guidelines and relevant information on quality, the environment, occupational safety, risk management, information security and equal treatment.

Career paths at K-Businesscom

Always accompanied: Each employee is offered an individual career path (management or expert career) at K-Businesscom based on personal interests. Together with HR experts, the respective supervisor and a buddy, this path is designed in a targeted manner. With the K-Businesscom University, an efficient corporate platform for further education has also been created.

What K-Businesscom University has to offer

K-Businesscom University is the central institution for all K-Businesscom learning activities in Austria. It offers a wide range of training content to the various target groups among K-Businesscom employees.

The learning opportunities offered by the K-Businesscom University are similar to the structure of a university. It is open to the entire K-Businesscom workforce and starts with a kind of foundation course. The subsequent postgraduate studies are based on the career path taken and consist of compulsory and elective subjects. Crediting of existing experience is also possible.

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Payment at K-Businesscom

K-Businesscom attaches great importance to performance-oriented, regularly adjusted and internationally competitive remuneration.

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