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Career opportunities

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At K-Businesscom, we value the diversity of our employees. Therefore, we offer different career opportunities for all stages of life. Both career starters and people with many years of professional experience make a significant contribution to the success of our company. 

Together we are shaping the future of tomorrow, so seize the opportunity now and join us in the exciting world of K-Businesscom!


The future is yours! With an apprenticeship in information technology (focus on systems technology), the possibilities are endless. In 4 years, we will lay the foundation for a successful career together.


It doesn't matter whether you just graduated from school, before/after finishing university or already have many years of professional experience. We have a wide range of exciting tasks in a variety of fields waiting for you!

HTL students

Want to gain work experience while still at school? Then we are the right place for you! We are always happy to offer holiday internships in various areas during the summer months.

HTL graduates

Finished school? Then JumpIN to your future with us! With our career program for HTL graduates, we give you the opportunity to try out different areas in 2 years and then really get started with us in a permanent position.

FH/Uni students

Want to test your theoretical knowledge in practice? That is exactly what you can do in our FH/Uni internship program. A lot can be tried out and learned with our colleagues in the different areas.

Dual education

Studying the theory at FH/Uni and practice with us? Through cooperations with various educational institutions, this can be combined with us at K-Businesscom - the best of both worlds.

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