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Benefits Austria

    • Flexible working hours

      We cater to the individual needs of our employees by offering flexible working hours models, flextime without core time and the option to work from home.

    • Smartphone & company laptop

      For on the go or while working from home, our employees are equipped with a new smartphone and laptop.

    • Training and development

      Our K-Businesscom University allows us to offer a comprehensive range of Webinars, e-learning courses, trainings, workshops, meetings and conferences for personal and professional development.

    • Career paths

      We are happy to promote different career paths (leadership or expert). After an internal consultation, we develop your personal career path together with HR, your team lead and a buddy.

    • Bridge days & 
      Christmas break

      On bridge days and during the turn of the year, the employee is free from work with continued payment of earnings - for the normal working hours. Depending on the type of employment, vacation days/time off in lieu must be consumed.

    • Company physician

      The health of our employees is very important to us. That's why we offer regular check-ups, vaccination campaigns, programs for a balanced life, etc.

    • Accessibility of our locations

      Our locations are easily accessible by public transportation. Discounted parking spaces are also available for drivers.

    • Employee perks

      Daily meal allowances or vouchers and a wide range of great conditions for various services and products from our partner companies are available.

    • Family company

      As a family company in the 3rd generation, our corporate culture is characterized by respect, appreciation, equal opportunities and transparency.

    • Diversity

      As an employer, we appreciate the diversity of our employees in every respect.

    • Family time

      We support the compatibility of family and work, promote parental leave, paternity leave and make it easier to return to work after the "break".

    • Celebrations/ Events

      We look forward to celebrating with our employees. In summer, at Christmas and of course on anniversaries.
      Note: Due to the corona pandemic, celebrations in large groups are currently only possible to a limited extent.

    All aboard: start your professional career at K-Businesscom

    New colleagues receive general information about K-Businesscom during the onboarding process. At the beginning of each month there is a presentation by the HR department, where all new employees are welcomed.

    Furthermore, there is also the regular onboarding event called “K-Businesscom Connected”. Here you will find out everything you need to know about training and further education opportunities, an overview of the guidelines and relevant information on quality, the environment, occupational safety, risk management, information security and equal treatment.

    Career paths at K-Businesscom

    Always accompanied: Every employee is given an individual career path at K-Businesscom based on their personal interests (leadership or expert). Together with personnel experts, the respective supervisor and a buddy, this path is designed in a goal-oriented manner. Additonally, with the K-Businesscom University, an efficient corporate platform for further education was created.

    What K-Businesscom University has to offer

    The K-Businesscom University is the central institution for all learning activities at K-Businesscom in Austria. It offers a wide range of training content to the various target groups among K-Businesscom employees.

    The learning opportunities at K-Businesscom University are similar to the structure of a university. It is open to the entire workforce of K-Businesscom and starts with a basic course. The subsequent courses are based on the chosen career path and consist of compulsory and elective subjects. It is also possible to credit previous experience.

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    Compensation at K-Businesscom

    K-Businesscom attaches great importance to performance-related, regularly adjusted and internationally competitive remuneration.

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