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Insights into the working life 
of K-Businesscom

You would like to know how you can image an average working day at 
K-Businesscom (KBC) in more detail? Here you will find a small insight into how we are organized as a company.

Working hours


KBC1942 Geschaeftsleute Handshake

We trust our employees. That's why we live flexitime without core hours here at KBC. 
Depending on the position, our employees have an all-in contract or put their hours on a time account. 

Either way all hours worked are fairly compensated and, after consultation within the team, it is possible for our employees to organize their week flexibly.

KBC2452 Office

Our modern office buildings are structured differently depending on the subsidiary. For the most part however, we pursue an open office or shared desk policy. The workstations are generally ergonomically equipped with height-adjustable desks. 

In terms of organization, we have digitized as much as possible in recent years and work primarily via Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint.

Social commitment

The next generation

KBC2980 Team Einheit (1)

As a company, we are not only committed to our employees, but also to our society. We do this by regularly collecting donations for various social institutions. 
In December 2021, for example, we organized a "reverse" advent calendar. Instead of opening a door every day, we collected clothing as well as food and hygienic items and delivered them in time for Christmas.

KBC2250 Kind wartet auf Fahrstuhl

In order to offer our youngest potential successors a good time, we host the KBC Children's week during summer. Depending on the age group, we offer an exciting program with a wide variety of activities, with either daily or weekly care. 

In the summer of 2022, for example, a group went to the Czech Republic for a one-week English course.

Lunch break

Sports and exercise

KBC2861 Mobility

Good food promotes our quality of life and happiness.

Depending on the location, a wide variety of restaurants can be visited at lunchtime. Here everyone can find something suitable to their dietary requirements. 
Generally, at least vegetarian alternatives are offered everywhere.

KBC2244 People jump

Exercise is also part of a fulfilling life. Every year, we offer our employees the opportunity to participate in various sporting events (e.g. business run, women's run). In addition, a company-wide ski weekend takes place every winter. 

Furthermore, our company physicians offer advice on exercise and measures to prevent discomfort of the musculoskeletal system.

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